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Posted 21 days ago

A bit about us

Antler, globally, in under three years of operating, has grown to have a presence in 14 cities around the world, including offices in most major startup ecosystems, such as New York, Berlin, London, Singapore and Sydney. This has resulted in investments in over 250 companies. Here in Sydney, we are coming up to our second birthday and are making more early-stage bets than anyone else in the country. To date, we have welcomed over 330 founders to our platform and invested in 39 companies.

We are founder-first and awesomely ambitious in all our endeavors. We are on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by enabling and investing in the world's most exceptional people. We help to build complementary co-founder teams, supported by deep business model validation and we provide a global platform for quicker scaling, due diligence and problem-solving. To date, Antler globally has invested in and helped build over 250 companies, 40% of which have at least one female co-founder.

Antler is Australia’s only truly global VC platform, enabling exceptional people and teams to build the defining companies of tomorrow. We support founders from the building phase through to series C, providing an unparalleled capital pathway with more than 75% of our companies raising third party capital within six months of Demo Day. Our portfolio companies are also supported by a global network of 500 experts in technology, entrepreneurship, business and academia, and the world’s fastest growing community of founders, with 500+ new members every year. 

A bit about the role

Our headcount in Australia has been steadily growing and we are currently 24 strong. Following the successful execution of three cohorts with our fourth currently in flight, our long expected Melbourne launch is now happening! Therefore, we are on the hunt for an Investment Analystto help form this new location. 

This is an investment role with a twist. Your bread and butter will be evaluating potential investments and supporting our portfolio companies as they scale and seek to raise further capital. Yes, you need to be a financial gun who is able to ensure all the facts are in place for informed investment decisions but also you need to have a curiosity to understand Founder DNA. The Antler investment process requires us to consolidate information about a large number of Founders and their companies in a digestible format to the wider Antler team, advisors and investors. Additionally, you will be starting to hone your eye for where great companies come from and make close connections with the universities to bring commercialisable IP opportunities to Antler.

We’re hiring for Melbourne-based candidates due to the nature of the role.

A bit about you

Founder first

You love and believe in people. You will thrive in the company of early stage Founders, those who are about to launch a company that is solving real world problems. You will know that yes the numbers need to add up but a strong founding team is at the heart of every successful company. 

Across the numbers

You have a data driven approach to all you do. You will be at home analysing and synthesising information.

Relationship builder 

You have relationships in the Melbourne VC and investor community. Perhaps a regular at meetups and over networking opportunities.


You believe in being open and honest. You are a clean and concise communicator able to deliver complex and sometimes tough messages with clarity and empathy. 

Team player

We have a one team approach. We win together and take risks, acknowledging this means backing and recognising each other’s efforts and offering support when needed.

What about us? We are awesomely ambitious. If you had been a part of our team for the last 18 months you would have:

  • Raised a local AU$46m fund to deploy over eight years.
  • Attracted over 5,000 applications from entrepreneurs seeking to build their next company.
  • Invested in 39 companies, over 40% of which have a female co-founder with over 30 nationalities represented.
  • Put on the largest Demo Day in Australian history at Sydney Town Hall with 1.2K viewers.
  • Launched Antler Education, a global edtech business helping aspiring entrepreneurs across the world with startup know-how.
  • Helped shape Fusion, Antler’s proprietary leading data and technology platform.
  • Worked with 200+ amazing Antlerites across 14 countries around the world.

Why you should work with us

We are all here to make a difference in the lives of founders and building companies that are solving real world problems. Joining Antler should be the best work of your life, and you should love what you do every day.

We are here to help people build the defining companies of tomorrow from Australia. 

Antler Sydney is a values-led team and by joining us, each day, you will surround by a team who are:

Awesomely ambitious

We’re constantly moving forward, looking for opportunities to re-envision, reinvent, and reimagine the way we do things. We create impact at scale, and when we reach great we seek to be greater.

Love what you do

We seek to create an environment and mission that means everyone can do the best work of their life. Every day, as a team, and individually, we aim to show leadership, be positive and respectful to build a culture that we can be proud of and others take notice of.

Win together and learn together

We take risks and lean in. We recognise each other's, and our own, effort, as well as our outcomes. And sometimes that means we might fail, but we acknowledge what happened and rally together to learn from it and move forward.

Open and honest

At Antler, we are open and honest. We believe it’s important to start with empathy, and communicate proactively. By taking ownership and accountability in this way, and being transparent and truthful, we are a stronger, happier, more productive team.


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