Systems Engineer / Operations Engineer at Coviu Global

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Posted 29 days ago

At Coviu, we're looking for a junior systems and operations engineer to join our team either in Brisbane or Sydney working and supporting our WebRTC based telehealth platform to make quality health care more accessible.

About us:

We are a growing local startup that is changing the way healthcare is delivered. We do this by providing a web-based platform for medical professionals and patients that makes conducting online consultations a breeze, and augments the experience with relevant clinical tools and medical information, some of which are built on AI and machine learning.

We're a small, friendly and capable team that values people - one of our founders is active with the W3C, and was a co-editor of the W3C video specification. As a company, we spun out from our roots within CSIRO in 2018 with investment from Main Sequence Ventures - a major international investor. We’ve since expanded massively and are now servicing over 7000 clinicians across different size healthcare businesses, from sole trader to large hospitals.

With the Coronavirus scare, we have just hit our next growth phase, so it's a great time to join the team and grow with us.

The role:

We are looking for a passionate and talented junior systems and operations engineer who has a strong customer focus, is able to run command-line scripts and help our customers resolve their technical issues with video connections.

We employ the latest cutting-edge technologies of WebRTC, modern Javascript and React on the front end and a micro services infrastructure on the back end. We are hosted in AWS with an automated deployment pipeline and a large amount of automated monitoring.

As a systems engineer, you will be working both with our customer success team and our technology team to get customers set up and address their technical issues as they arise. We pride ourselves in our short response times, which are important to the healthcare industry.

Issues that might arise include the creation of DNS & SSL setup for enterprise customers, the configuration of deployed enterprise platforms, the debugging of firewall issues, the debugging of camera, microphone, device, Web browser or network issues, the setup of video calls in Citrix style environments, and the creation and running of command-line scripts and tools.

You will also help with the Operations of the platform and be part of our 24x7 team, ensure monitoring and alerting is covering the various elements of the platform. In addition you will support our own development team with tools and look after access and team support related items.

Over time we want you to grow into a more DevOps role where you can actively help with pipelines, infrastructure setup (CloudFormation is a plus) and enhance the current setup with your input and in collaboration with our DevOps team.

You’ll represent the customer to our internal tech team to replicate their issues, come up with solutions, and if necessary bring product quality issues to the attention of our technical team to ascertain they are getting taken care of.

You'll be working either out of our Brisbane (South Brisbane) or our Sydney (Darlinghurst) office.

What we're looking for:

Our systems engineer will need to be able to communicate directly with our customers and provide exceptional customer service while responding to phone, email, and interactive chat requests for technical support. Your English communication needs to be outstanding.

You'll have a good technical understanding of networking and communications technology, including HTTP, HTTPS, RTP, RTSP, STUN, TURN, SIP, H.323 and will be able to analyse networking issues from the command-line.

Your will be able to translate internal Engineering-speak into clear directions for customers and vice-versa. You’ll be our technical contact for customers experiencing issues with installation, configuration, operation and management of our telehealth platform - simple requests are handled by our customer success team.

As a cloud software provider, we work across all operating systems, so you’ll need to feel comfortable debugging issues through the Web browsers of our clients on all platforms including mobile. For our enterprise customers, an experience analysing Wireshark dumps for firewall and proxy issues will be highly valuable.

You’ll bring good analysis and debugging skills - prior experience in supporting communications software will be a plus. You’ll work in a great team which highly values and offers peer support while you develop a deep understanding of the Coviu product.