Cloud Infrastructure Lead at Lexer

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Posted a month ago

About the role

The Infrastructure Lead is a hands-on role that is responsible for the cloud infrastructure that underpins  Lexer’s products. This involves stability, security, cost management, and developer experience. 

Ensuring that our global AWS infrastructure is created and operated using best practices, utilising Terraform and the cloud tech stack is available, manageable, and understood by the technical team. Ensuring that Lexer adheres to and complies with its security and compliance standards.

What is the role?

You will partner with Engineering Managers and stakeholders to lead through alignment, contributing to technology strategy and supporting teams in defining and delivering their product and technology roadmaps. 

As the Infrastructure Lead, you will have deep technical skills and follow the mantra ‘infrastructure as code’. You will support teams with their ‘you build it and you run it’ ethos, cost management goals, clear service level objectives, and agreements in place for the systems they own.

You will actively coach, mentor, and grow engineers. Empowering them to make decisions for themselves so that the teams can balance technology, product, and delivery outcomes aligned with objectives. You are consistently delivering quality outputs with a focus on continuous delivery, fast feedback, and automation.

What are we looking for?

  • Experience as a technical leader deploying and managing enterprise cloud infrastructure, security, and developer experience
  • An expert with AWS and Terraform including the ability to design and implement redundant, scalable infrastructures
  • Experience with Databricks, Python, Buildkite, CI/CD Pipelines, Github, OpenSearch/ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, and Okta. Linux, Docker, Bash, and related services such as OpenVPN.
  • Prior experience managing vendor relationships to leverage value and deliver cost efficiencies
  • You will know common cybersecurity frameworks and of IT aspects of common legal compliance programs such as SOX, HIPA, CCPA, and ISO.
  • Demonstrated ability to create impactful technology and security roadmaps required
  • A tenacious problem solver, who can work autonomously and thrives on turning challenges and obstacles into opportunities to support their teams in finding the best solutions for their customers and them. A highly resourceful team player who is eager to jump in to help a project deliver.
  • A proven troubleshooting methodology. Understand many foundational technologies and security protocols down to their fundamentals and use that background to quickly and effectively troubleshoot.

For this role, you will 

  • Build and maintain Lexer’s infrastructure in AWS.
  • Identify what Lexer needs to do to create a more secure environment, what security projects are needed, and how those should be integrated with the IT infrastructure roadmap.
  • Maintain security automated tools and processes, and determine how to best harden systems for security, while making data easily accessible to customers and internal teams.
  • Manage audits performed to maintain certifications and seek other programs that Lexer should be certified by.
  • Ensure that best practices are followed in the design and rollout of technology solutions. They are mindful of their responsibility to protect Lexer’s systems and customer data. Thinks about security as being designed in and not bolted on. Maintain excellent security standards and continually look for ways to improve Lexer’s security posture
  • Collaborate and build relationships with team members and leadership, and share your knowledge and expertise to get things done in the right way for the best outcome and result.


  • Dog-friendly office – Bring your pup to work. Don’t have one, cuddle someone else’s!
  • Daily Trivia & Social Events.
  • New Lexis receive a signing bonus – To set up your home office.