Apprentice Developer at Envato

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Posted 6 days ago

The Role

You and another Apprentice will join the Envato Engineering team in full-time, permanent roles and will be mentored and coached by a dedicated mentor, in our immersive and collaborative environment. The program runs for 9 months, once completed you will be promoted to the role of Junior Developer. Please note these opportunities are open to candidates who identify as women.

As an Apprentice Developer, you will build world class development skills through supported immersion in Envato delivery teams! That’s right.. you will be doing real work. You will build, deploy and support software solutions for Envato with the support of your very own Developer Mentor and the wider team. This includes taking part in the entire software development process, from planning and estimation through to delivery of well-tested, high-quality code that you will support in a production environment, and you’ll also work across the full stack! 

Your Experience

If you love learning, have a passion for software development and really love what Envato’s values are all about (and align with these) then we want to hear from you! You should be able to understand some basic coding concepts and solve basic problems using code. You may have learnt this at uni, through self-directed learning, at a dev bootcamp, and/or by completing work experience in an engineering team. A university degree is not essential.

The main thing is that you’re at the start of your professional software engineering career, have very basic engineering knowhow, and are ready to join a supportive team who can help you take yourself to the next level. This means that even if you’ve never had a professional job before, or you’re changing your career direction, we’d love to hear from you.

We are super collaborative here at Envato, so as part of this role you will need to be able to communicate effectively with people from diverse roles and backgrounds. You’ll get to display your ability to do this in our interview process. If you’re hired as an Apprentice, we understand you might be a bit shy on your first day, so your Mentor will help you to build confidence to talk to people at various levels across our whole business.