Senior Product Manager at Koala

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Posted 13 days ago

Koala's mission is to become the smartest way to buy high-quality furniture online. Combining customer-centric products, a world-class technology and fulfilment platform, incredible customer service and social good, we are changing the way people buy and enjoy furniture.

Why we have this role @ Koala?

The next few years at Koala is all about international expansion, product diversity, and scaling our product offering. As the Senior Product Manager, you will lead one of the key parts of the online customer journey at Given the culture of the business, you will have a significant amount of independence and opportunity to implement practices, experiment, contribute, and deliver. You will be responsible for defining success metrics, the strategy, the future and the roadmap with input from customers and the business.

You will guide the team through the development of highly complex features, using data and your experience to make tradeoff decisions that prioritise the right things to deliver revenue results and exceptional customer experience. You will work closely with a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, and digital marketers as well as customers to define, build, and launch mission-critical initiatives.


What key responsibilities does this role have @ Koala?

  • Conceiving and evaluating new ideas 
  • Discovering and delivering value to our customers 
  • Research and regularly talking to customers 
  • Planning new features from conception to ready-for-development 
  • Motivating your team with a sense of purpose and owning "why" 
  • Committing to initiatives which will deliver your OKRs
  • Strategy and roadmap aligned with department and company OKRs 
  • Be the center-point for stakeholder management for your domain 
  • Delivering initiatives that have a measurable benefit to the business 
  • Monitoring and iterating upon initiatives

Ideal background...

  • At least 4 years ecommerce experience, ideally within a customer product management role 
  • Experience with internal product management and working with global teams 
  • Ability to empathise with your engineering team through some technical background
  • Leadership experience - people want to follow you 
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines and manage multiple stakeholders across various markets 
  • Experience in driving the full product management life cycle - launching, developing and improving online experiences to solve problems and pursue opportunities


Treehouse Perks...

Koala is only as good as its employees are happy - and they're a happy mob down at the Treehouse. Benefits like casual-Friday every day, a fully stocked Koala Kitchen with an emphasis on healthy, local and organic produce, VB fridge that's constantly stocked, our ever-changing selection of Grifter Brewing Co beers, Mecca Coffee Co. beans and the famous Koala Kombucha on tap with new flavours every week. And there's more than just tasty treats - the Koala Treehouse is as dog-friendly as they get, and with flexible working options, plenty of social sports and activities as well as free Koala products for all employees and a strong focus on internal growth - the Koala Kommunity is a great place to hang out (and work too)!

Koalities we look for...

At Koala, we do things a little differently - which means we expect a lot from our employees! We want you to challenge expectations, always look to make a difference and give us something different than the norm. We want people that bring great energy, that have a long-game focus and are always curious to find new angles and approaches to the way we work. We're a team of entrepreneurs that have a relentless focus on 'what's next' but while always reviewing 'what's been done' and learning, growing and adjusting. We're bloody confident, but NEVER arrogant and we adapt to change like Steve Smith under a short ball. Honesty drives everything we do, as well as a total focus on the customer - so if you feel like this could be you... well what the bloody hell are you waiting for? Drop us a line, and let's see what you've got! ;)