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⭐ “Build your own pyramids. Write your own hieroglyphs.” —Kendrick Lamar

Are you Kendrick LamArli?

Arli is on the lookout for an amazing Social Media and Content Specialist (aka Kendrick LamArli: Part word wizard, part content master, and part creative wunderkind).

We need a street-smart, wise, experienced and zingy copywriter; with social media prowess, a love of social media (and a fondness for bad analogies); to help us turn one of the world's most misunderstood and under-supported health conditions—problem drinking—on its head.

But that's just the beginning...

🙌 Why Join?

  • 🦸 Work with purpose and pride: Knowing that your work will genuinely change lives around the world for the better
  • 🌏 Work from anywhere: We are a fully-remote, flexible (and awesome) team
  • 🚀 Work at a global, seed-stage startup: Where you get to be a part of genuinely shaping the future of the brand, product, culture and business
  • 🏃Small team and flexible environment making it easy to rapidly evolve and do big things
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Join a diverse team of people from Uber, eBay, Secure Code Warrior and more

🚀 About Arli

Our mission Arli is on a mission to radically change the way people access and experience support for overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges—starting with alcohol.

Our vision We believe the future in health support is peer-led and clinically-backed, because there can be no greater teacher than lived experience. That’s why all of Arli’s products are guided by people who have overcome their own challenges in life, figured out what works, and share that wisdom through Arli—in a way that others can truly relate to and learn from.

What is Arli? Arli is an app for anyone wanting to make changes with alcohol (big or small). Arli connects you with the wisdom and advice of those who have navigated through their own challenges with alcohol, discovered what works, and reached where you want to be. Audio guides take less than 10 minutes a day, in your own space at your own pace. No labels. No judgement. No pressure. Just real answers from people who have been there.

You can read our value prop here.

📣 About the Role: Storyteller, Content Creator & Digital Marketing Gun

😷 We want to go so viral that Pfizer has to develop a vaccine for us. 😷

You might not have won any Grammy's like our mate Kendrick, but you are definitely a wordsmith and natural-born storyteller.

This is a key role within our Marketing team that will allow you to be creative, think outside of the box and do cool things all day long that help to bring the Arli brand and mission to life. You will also have the daily opportunity to break-down the stigma and shame around some of life's toughest challenges—and help people live their best lives.

What you'll do at Arli (beyond changing lives you hero)

  • Plan, ideate, create and schedule content to 100x our social communities (we have a long way to grow)
  • Act as the voice, eyes and ears of Arli—not only echoing our brand tone throughout the world, but building and enhancing it
  • Come up with the most brilliant and witty content ideas to grow our brand, community and reach (please be funnier than this page)
  • Rapidly respond to social media trends with relevant content
  • Collaborate with other influencers and creators to create engaging content for our channels (especially TikTok and Instagram)
  • Brief and manage the delivery of content with key external stakeholders including: Arli Guides; long-form copywriters; and designers
  • Write, design and schedule the types of emails that people want to archive (if their inboxes are actually organised, unlike our CEOs 👀)
  • Use SEO and SEM best practices to increase organic traffic to site (who says you can have too many friends?)
  • Regularly review the performance of content - using data and insights to iterate and improve (We love to prove how awesome you are)

What we're looking for (as a human)

  • You get and love people. You love connecting with people from all walks of life, unearthing the stories and celebrating unique journeys
  • You’re a born creative and communicator. You're constantly bursting with ideas, and for every nugget you spot, you’ve already got 10 ideas for how you'd do it better
  • You have the kind of wit that could cut this page in half. You know how to create content that bursts through the noise of socials with ease
  • You’re constantly curious and energised by the opportunity of limitless learning in a growing startup
  • You eat feedback for breakfast and you think it's delicious—you know it only fuels better outcomes.
  • You’re a doer. There’s a lot of doing to be done – so you know how to be productive (and measure it)
  • You move fast. 10 pieces of fresh content in a day? Pulease. You usually do that before you get out of bed (and eat that feedback for breakfast).

What we're looking for (as an expert)

  • You have experience in a similar role, managing and implementing communications & social media campaigns, and building audiences from the ground up
  • You understand and love numbers (and are obsessed with seeing them go up each week)
  • You live and breathe all things social media - and are all over the latest trends and best practices
  • You have exceptional copywriting and communication skills, with the ability to engage with a wide range of audiences
  • You understand best practice social media and content marketing, with demonstrated ability to create data driven campaigns
  • Experience sourcing, engaging and managing influencers, creators and speakers for campaigns and events


💼 Backed by top investors including Folklore, Antler, Airtree, Simon Griffiths (Co-Founder & CEO of Who Gives A Crap), and more.

👀 Featured in the Australian Financial Review as one to watch.

🤝 Partnered with Monash University, The Buttery, Australian Federal Government and other industry leaders.

💪 Founder: CEO & Founder Sally Krebs is one of the youngest (and most fierce) CEO's in the global Social Impact Start-up community—having founded Arli at just 27. Read her story here.

Our values

Values are actions not just ideas. They inform the way we treat each other and those we support, as well as the products and experiences we build. With a shared understanding of our values, we can go further together.

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    Well doneeeeeeee

  • 🤝 People are the priority. Period.

    Arli is built by and for real people. From the goals we set to the way we hire; the products we build, to the way we speak—people are always the priority. We hire extraordinary humans and look way beyond just their capabilities. Our team don't miss doctor's appointments or our friend's birthdays—because we're people first and Arliens second. We're building products to drive better human connection and inclusion. We support 'people living with addiction' and never 'addicts'. We thrive on this connection to ourselves, our peers, our community and our cause.

  • 💎 Clear is kind

    We are highly transparent and embrace vulnerability—and see the extraordinary power in both of those things. We value inclusivity, direct communication, candid feedback and high respect for one another. Our circle of trust enables us to work better, smarter and faster.

  • 🙌 Lead with pride

    Shame and stigma have no place in addiction—or at Arli. We couldn't be more proud of the people and community we support, and we sing it loud and proud. Our bold mission is matched by our determination. We stick to our word and will always do what’s right over what’s easy. We don’t shy away from tough conversations, but we always consider who may be listening.

  • 👂 Listen carefully

    We never have all of the answers. We never assume. We seek to understand. The conversation around addiction and how we best support people will be constantly evolving—and we’ll always be listening, and pushing ourselves to learn and grow.

The process we run (so we BOTH know what good looks like)

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  • Hit apply and follow the prompts (If your CV is longer than 2 pages long, do not pass go, do not collect any dollars)

    • We are looking for someone succinct, in this role you will need to turn lots of information into simple and easy-to-digest insight—this starts with your awesome, zingy application.
    • Your application will also need to include answers to the 5 challenges:
    1. Write an interesting/engaging Instagram caption for the Arli community, in what you believe is the Arli tone and voice.
    2. When would you post it? Why?
    3. Create one TikTok idea and tell us why you think it would perform
    4. Tell us about who would be would be a strong community fit for Arli and how you would engage with those people.
    5. What is your favourite Pixar film? (If it's not in the Finding Nemo or Toy Story franchise, you will automatically be disqualified. Just kidding! Maybe 👀).
  • Video introduction - 10 minutes.

    • We wouldn't truly be a people-first company without letting your humanness shine through, we use a video tool that will record a few questions we have so we can see you and hear you.
  • First interview: You interview the Head of Marketing — 30 mins

    Yup, this is your opportunity to ask us anything you like. After all, we want to make sure this is a role you'll love, not just a role you'll do.

  • Second interview: The Founder and HoM interview you — 45 minutes

    We will go DEEP on your craft in this one, but don't worry, you will still have fun. It will also be your opportunity to meet the CEO/Founder and ask any questions you might still have.

  • Final challenge - let's get you on the stage.

    This is your chance to present to the wider team. We are still a 9 person company and we are all about inclusion and involving everyone in the process. This is actually less about the case study we'll give you and more about your insight, how you communicate, and for us to see how your brain will work. The expectation is you spend no more than an hour or two on this.

  • Offer

Not everyone will get an interview but everyone will get a reply—because we live by our values and appreciate direct communication.

Last but not least: Addiction and problem drinking is an issue that touches every part of society—no matter what gender, racial background, sexual orientation, or religious belief. That’s why we are building a team that is just as diverse as the people affected by addiction.