Software Engineer at Deputy

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Posted 22 days ago

Currently, our employees are predominately working from home and this role will also be remote for the time being. We anticipate employees will be returning to the office, in a flexible capacity, during 2021 as appropriate & when it is safe to do so.


As a Software Engineer, you will be working closely with your peers, product, design and leadership to build amazing products and features for the Deputy platform, delivering services and products to millions of users and businesses from small & medium to enterprise.

You wake up every morning knowing with confidence that the work you do, from the user facing experiences to the backend APIs are being used to power 100,000s of workplaces and the livelihood of 1,000,000s of users worldwide.

Responsibilities “THE WHAT”

  • Design and implement software solutions -- with consideration to high performance, high quality systems and applications using modern industry best practices
  • Align with our Design, Engineering and Product principles to build product & technical solutions that drive customer value with quality and performance
  • Encourage innovation and foster an environment of continuous improvement
  • Engage in technical discussion of solutions and product ideas through documentation, design reviews, pair programming, code review and technology discussions
  • Who you are “THE HOW”

  • You are a skilful engineer with high standards, passion for quality and a few years of experience under your belt.
  • Solid computer science fundamentals: algorithms and data structures.
  • Language agnostic, have experience in a few languages. We use Golang, PHP, Javascript
  • Expertise in API design (REST & RPC)  and its frameworks. We use protobuf, gRPC, OpenAPI
  • Experience with building service oriented architecture, microservices, and modern techniques and tools around it. We use Docker, ECS, Lambda, SQS, Kinesis, etc
  • Experience in a few persistence, storage and caching mechanisms. We use MySQL, Redis, DynamoDB, S3, etc
  • Understanding of what it takes to build reliable, scalable and resilient systems using modern best practices, e.g: Caching, monitoring, tracing, eventual consistency, queues, load balancing, circuit breaking, etc.
  • Exposure to Classic & Modern JS frameworks as well as the browser ecosystem. We use jQuery, Mustache, Backbone, LESS/SASS, Vue, WebSockets, Local Storage
  • Experience with modern build, techniques, architectures and practices. We use AWS, ECS, Lambda, Docker, Jenkins, etc