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Posted 14 days ago

More and more organisations are seeing the value in talking to customers, and as such the user research practice continues to grow across many industries. Teams are conducting more interviews, usability tests, focus groups, surveys, and more than ever before. Qualitative research is time consuming to perform, and it’s challenging to analyse, store, manage and find unstructured data in a collaborative and privacy compliant way.

Dovetail is the leading cloud data analysis and research repository platform. We believe customer-obsession builds the best products, so our mission is to ‘enable product teams to make better decisions through the power of customer understanding’. We think what we’re building is an exciting and brand new category of software.

We’re a product-led, bottom-up, self-service software company founded in 2017. We have thousands of paying customers of all sizes ranging from individuals and small agencies to large enterprises and consulting firms. Companies like Square, Figma, VMware, Shopify, BCG, GitLab, Porsche, Canva, and more trust Dovetail to analyze, store, and manage their research data and insights, often across multiple teams and locations.

We're now looking for an Engineering Manager to lead a team of 5 product engineers. We want someone who is passionate about coaching and developing people and has a background in engineering.

What you will do

  • Great people developer. You'll be a strong coach and have the ability to bring the best out of people to help them achieve their ambition. You can push people out of their comfort zone to drive their development and be able to evaluate performance.
  • Building great teams, recruiting and hiring. You'll be heavily involved in hiring high-quality engineers and you'll be able to assess your current team and identify the skill-gaps to create hiring plans with our People function.
  • Work in a product engineering team. You are highly collaborative in your approach, and work closely with product design and engineering team members.
  • Ad-hoc coding. To be an effective manager we believe you need a high degree of empathy and respect. To help with this you'll be getting into the code, perhaps contributing to the team's project, or working on some automation scripts.
  • Optimizing engineering performance. You're accountable for ensuring the team is operating as best it can, and is constantly improving.
  • Execute in the face of ambiguity. We are moving fast and defining an entirely new category of software, which means we are faced with plenty of uncertainty and ambiguity. It is critical that you're able to balance strategic thinking with rapid execution. You believe in constant progress over perfection.
  • Be able to think big, but start small. At Dovetail we set lofty goals and have a bold, exciting vision for our product. You'll be able to build new teams from scratch, or work with existing teams to develop them into the best version they can be.


Your background

  • Experience managing product software engineers. You've managed a team of engineers and are comfortable giving and receiving feedback to motivate and steer them to success. You confidently identify areas for improvement, provide timely guidance, and motivate them to reach their goals.
  • Good technical background in software engineering. You have first-hand experience developing software, and you're confident that you could make modest but meaningful contributions when embedded in a team.
  • Experience with different product development methodologies. You're familiar with Scrum, Kanban, and everything in-between. You understand the value behind different rituals, and are able to confidently mix and match to create the most effective blend for the team at hand.
  • You've built engineering teams from the ground up. You confidently navigate the early forming and storming phases of team. You've been instrumental in establishing new teams from scratch, deciding on the roles, recruiting to fill them, and growing it into a highly effective team.
  • You've worked in cross functional teams with product managers and designers. You believe that the best outcomes come from working collaboratively rather than in silos.


  • Competitive base salary plus equity. Even though we’re a small startup, we pay salaries that can hold their own against big tech companies.
  • KitKat days. We understand the importance of mental health and wellbeing. These are extra paid days holiday for the whole company where everyone can take a break.
  • Generous equal parental leave. We offer 12 weeks equal parental leave.
  • Floating public holiday leave. You can choose to work public holidays and use that day another time in the year.
  • Flexible working hours and location. We value work-life balance, especially right now. While we’re mostly back in the office, you’re free to work where you want, when you want.
  • Personal learning and development budget. We’re a big fan of personal development, and prefer to home-grow leaders rather than filling leadership / management externally.
  • A brand new architecturally designed office in Surry Hills. With free snacks, beer on tap and drinks, three different coffee machines, social areas, and a rooftop.
  • TGIF events. Monthly company wide activities on Fridays for the whole team.
  • Salary sacrifice. We have a salary sacrifice policy for work related items.
  • Ergonomic office. Sit-stand desks, 4k 27” monitor, ergonomic chairs, quiet spaces, and collaboration spaces, to suit all kinds of working styles.
  • Pet friendly office! We love dogs and often have dogs in the office.
  • Personal development. Regular lunch and learn events, opportunities for presenting at webinars and conferences, and networking through our investor community.
  • Annual company retreats. We try to go away every year!