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Posted 2 months ago

Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference in the world?

A bit about us:

Hi, we’re Who Gives a Crap! We make eco-friendly toilet paper (as well as tissues and paper towels) and donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for the 2.3 billion people in need.

We absolutely love doing good, but we’re also exceptionally good at it. To date, we’ve donated over AUD$2.6 million to fund sanitation projects around the globe. We’ve grown quickly – selling directly to customers across three continents and establishing a strong B2B business in Australia that’s expanding to the UK market this year. We’re working hard to reach our ambitious goals and diversify our product range to ensure we can have the greatest impact possible – both for the planet and its people.

Our team currently consists of over 80 amazing humans working across hubs in Melbourne, Manila, Los Angeles and China. With your help, we’re hoping to increase our annual donation 10-fold in the next couple of years and continue to make the most beautiful, eco-friendly goods around.

A bit about the role: 

This is a multifaceted (and super exciting!) role that touches all parts of the business. You’ll be in charge of our global social media pages (FB, Twitter, IG) that have an incredibly loyal, engaged following of over 1M (and growing fast).

You’ll help define our social media strategy, lead the creation of content we share, manage interactions with customers, measure, optimise and report our performance, and always be on the lookout for new ways to delight our customers. 

While we’re looking for someone independent who can operate with a lot of autonomy, you’ll be collaborating closely with other teams throughout the day. You’ll work closely with the creative team to brainstorm and execute content that is hilarious and shareable. You’ll work with our growth marketing team to ensure our social posts and ads stay in sync, and you’ll work extra-closely with our Customer Happiness Team to make sure we’re on top of what our customers are thinking and feeling.

We are excited to open this opportunity up to social media gurus based in Melbourne or Los Angeles! 


If you worked here the past month here are some thing you would have been involved in: 

  • Creating high performing social content that consistently hits our targets of engagement and quality  
  • Hosting a social media content brainstorm with our Creative team
  • Writing kickass supporting copy that’s always on-brand to accompany our social assets 
  • Creating fun and bespoke content tailored for each of our social platforms
  • Crafting a bow tie out of toilet paper for an IG story 
  • Planning and presenting an awesome social calendar that’s up to date and aligned with the social, content and marketing strategy
  • Turning a customer chat into a viral thread
  • Optimising our posting schedule (yep, you geek out on the metrics too!) and staying accountable for keeping all the plates spinning on social across all the channels
  • Boosting brand awareness by elevating our brand look and tone of voice on social 
  • Bringing BAU campaigns to life on social by making sure they are consistent with other assets
  • Developing metrics and analytics through sharing digestible insights with what our followers engage with most 
  • Teaching the team what the latest trends are (we dropped off at “dabbing”)
  • Proposed how we might break into a new social channel


A bit about you: 

You’re highly motivated, love allllll things social media, have first-class communication skills and love nothing more than coming up with amazing content ideas (they’re pretty much popping into your head at all times). OK, duh. But wait, there’s more...

Ridiculously fun and delightful

  • You’ve made real friends on social media before 
  • You’re a naturally hilarious and witty copywriter and content maker with TONS of ideas
  • People will want to come to our social pages JUST so they can speak with you
  • You might even consider yourself funnier/wittier/friendlier online than you are IRL. 

You play hard and fast: 

  • You’re highly organised and detail orientated in the fast paced online environment
  • You know how to stay nimble in order to react to great content, and you share your insights with the team to keep us all informed and accountable
  • You keep up with latest trends and social media news and you’ll be the first to jump on a viral trend and make it on-brand

You’re a super strategiser: 

  • You’re an expert in what makes social audiences tick 
  • You know how to meld industry best practice with our brand to create and implement a kick-butt social strategy
  • You have experience launching new social channels
  • You know how to utilise the right kind of data to optimise our communications 
  • You’re a self-learner, and you ensure that we’re asking the right questions about our content, the way it performs, and the way it represents our brand 
  • You can take learnings from past posts and apply them to inform and guide future decisions and strategy

You give a crap: Yep. We’re all here because we genuinely want to make the world a better place with our work, and we want you to want that too! Awwww.


Why you should work with us

Every minute you spend working with us, you’re making a difference. The more we grow, the bigger an impact we’ll have. Sell your soul no longer! We think that’s a pretty great perk, but we don’t stop there…

If you have a great idea, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. This is the kind of role that will be hard to find anywhere else: you’ll work with an incredible bunch of passionate people to grow a fast-paced startup at a crucial point in its trajectory.

The job is also amazingly flexible, something we’re working hard to hold onto even as we grow super quickly. We started the business remotely, and now have hubs in 4 cities around the world. While the team spends a few days of the week together in our coworking space (well, in normal circumstances we do!), you can also mix it up and work in your PJs from home or set up shop at the beach, up to you. And while we don’t have a Friday drinks cart (yet), you will get free toilet paper. A lot of it. And nothing beats that.

Lastly, you get to say the word ‘crap’ more than in any other job. Guaranteed.



This depends on your experience but just because we’re a social enterprise doesn’t mean you’ll get paid peanuts. Think chocolate covered macadamia nuts with some extra perks thrown in. In other words, we pay competitively and are determined to make this the best job you'll ever have – you won’t ever want to leave!

On top of the normal perks like annual leave, we also provide flexibility to take extra unpaid leave or travel while working, we provide a health insurance stipend, generous parental leave, training and development budget and a whole lot of other stuff. And did we mention the free toilet paper?