General Manager at EstimateOne

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Posted 14 days ago

We are seeking a General Manager to join our Senior Leadership team here at EstimateOne.

This role will be accountable for our largest audiences (Subbies) and includes:

  • Authoring, owning and effectively communicating a documented Subbie Strategy that is compelling and congruent with the broader EstimateOne Strategy
  • Authoring, owning and effectively communicating a Value Proposition in the market that differentiates EstimateOne’s offerings from competitors and substitutes, provides clarity to the Product Roadmap, and is congruent with EstimateOne’s Brand
  • Ensuring the interactions between Subbies and EstimateOne - attraction, adoption, servicing, product engagement, retention, monetisation - maximise value
  • Ensuring a well designed Subbie Stream organisational unit: making quarterly capital allocation requests; deploying capital against the plan; and designing the organisational substructure, congruent with EstimateOne’s organisational design principles.
  • Ensuring strong goals exist at all times for the Outcomes listed below, over multiple time horizons, congruent with the level of ambition of the organisation and the Subbie Strategy, and ensuring that actuals against such goals are reported accurately, clearly and timely to the wider organisation.
  • Ensuring that Subbie insights, feedback and market changes are well communicated back to the wider organisation.
  • Lead a cross functional team to deliver against the strategy and the goals

Outcomes this role should Manage & Influence

  • SaaS Portfolio metrics: Churn, Lifetime Value, CAC/LTV
  • Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score
  • Financial metrics: Revenue, Costs, Profit
  • Ecosystem Engagement metrics: Data Points & Participants
  • Team value metrics: Team Engagement Score

About Us

What is EstimateOne? Well, EstimateOne is a Melbourne-based digital platform that connects the commercial construction industry, enabling better decision making for our clients. Typically they are builders, suppliers and subcontractors who use EstimateOne in the tender stage for procurement decisions on both sides of the market, and we’re excited about creating new ways to support these and other decisions in the industry.

The platform is 10 years old and there’s a lot already in it. As a company (and as a team) our mission is to make sure we’re unlocking value from what we’ve already done while creating value by inventing new stuff. It’s equal parts optimisation and innovation, data-driven and human-centred.

Our operating model exists to help us create value for our team, the construction industry and our shareholders. We’re not fans of process for process’s sake, but we do like to stick to certain ways of working that we find really valuable. We beat to our own drum with a unique set of artefacts, practices, rituals, and cadences that manage our teams’ progress. We’ve got a strong set of values that speak to both nurturing our internal team and helping our external clients. As an organisation we’re up to some pretty exciting things! We’re passionate about transparent and fair expectations and results and we have a commitment to wellness and happiness that you’ll really feel.

We build our products collaboratively working in cross-functional teams. We draw from lean product development and design thinking - which means we put our users first and work together rather than in silos.


You’ll need to be confident enough to put forward your ideas and why you think they are valuable in an environment that places strong weight on it’s Value of being “Forthright and Frank”.

You’ll need to have led in an organisation or independant cross functional team and loved the ability to have an influence plus get your hands dirty doing the work.

You’ll be curious about (and a little wary of) our Ways of Working but up for the challenge. You can read about them in our Employee Handbook, Nuts & Bolts:

Your character traits should include being:

  • Deeply empathetic
  • Self confident with strong beliefs, loosely held
  • Self aware
  • Comfortable showing vulnerability
  • Supportive of collective effort and winning as a team
  • Keen to contribute and wanting others to contribute to things that would not normally be part of typical GM remit - you’ll never hear: “stay in your lane!”

Connect with the following? This may be the role for you.

Demonstrated experience as senior Leader? Talk to us.

A passion for creating Value? Talk to us.

The desire to have an impact? Talk to us.

Passionate about helping organisations run effectively? Talk to us.

Looking to stretch yourself? Talk to us.

Not afraid of a challenge? Talk. To. Us.

The Process:

If you’re interested in joining our team, apply with your CV and a bit about why you think you’d be a good fit. We’ll organise a time to catch up on the phone with Executive Team Member and Chief People Officer James Law. Should that chat go well, we’ll bring you in to meet our other Executive Team Members and Chief Strategy Officer, Dan Clifton and one of our Founders and Non-Executive Directors Andrew Ritchie. If you ace that, we’ll bring you in to meet the two other GMs, Mel Bull and Zaiga Finnis. If we seem to be a good match for each other, we’ll send you a letter of offer!


A competitive salary and Employee Share Plan will be offered to the right candidate.

Everyone gets 1 week Entrepreneurial Leave and triple any pre tax donation you make to a charity. We also offer a $5,000 development budget to spend on training or conferences as well as primary and secondary caregiver leave. Oh, and every 7th week we spend half a day doing a fun activity to celebrate the work you've done over the 6 weeks of our cycle. The last three activities have been learning how to draw, playing video games and trivia .

Don’t forget if you want to read up a bit more on our Ways of Working then check out this book we wrote: