Product Manager at Practice Ignition

Full-Time, Product, APAC, New South Wales product full-time
Posted 19 days ago

Practice Ignition are hiring a Senior Product Designer to join the research and development group, taking accountants and bookkeepers on a journey to move their traditional methods of client engagement to a business critical platform that offer their customers sleek and professional branded experiences, automating large parts of their business including invoicing, payments and workflows. 

We need a passionate, ambitious product designer who can be deeply embedded in everything we do and play a critical role in the entire product development process whilst being a true advocate for the user. There isn’t a playbook for what we are building. This role requires a deep passion for design, UX, critical and creative thinking. Engaged from discovery and inception through to post-delivery iteration, you will play a critical role in building, creating, developing processes, ceremonies and systems to further the product design team and the importance of design within the business

Uniquely, you will be working closely with the co-founder, while collaborating with skilled cross-functional teams including designers, engineers, product managers and product marketers to solve unique and challenging UX and design problems. 

About You

  • Deep roots in critical thinking and user experience design.
  • You have proven commercial experience in being able to conceptualise, articulate, reason and are capable of producing assets, interfaces, prototypes and experiences that support and drive product development. 
  • Can effectively traverse high-level strategic or conceptual conversation to nitty gritty details.
  • You’ll have experience working in a cross-functional domain, with multiple deadlines, projects and stakeholders.
  • You’re innately curious and are a tinkerer at heart. You want to understand how things work and how you can make them better
  • Have worked on passion projects (and ideally have tried to launch or explored launching at least one of them, resulting in many learnings).  
  • Part dreamer, part executor. You enjoy figuring out what needs to be done – and then doing it.
  • Can present, rationalise and sell your ideas and concepts to build support, alignment and deliver outcomes.
  • You are pragmatic and able to make the tough calls, often walking the line between speed and purpose.
  • Champion and hero the user. You encourage and participate in user research and your process is informed by research and data.
  • Enjoy working across multiple mediums. Our main design system is Figma (and we love it!) but whiteboards, sketches, breadboards, and miro-boards are all part of our day to day stack. 


  • Work with the senior product leadership team in early product discovery sessions to interpret vision and ensure design considerations and the customer is heroed. 
  • Quickly prototype ideas to facilitate the ideation conversations
  • Build design concepts, prototypes and assets to support cross functional teams.
  • Interpret and consider commercial KPIs and business data as part of your design philosophy.
  • Talk to customers often to understand their pain points and motivation
  • Deeply consider how a solution may work for today but what it may unlock for the future. Your job is equal parts focussed elegant and aesthetic problem solving and crystal ball gazing. 
  • Effectively manage multiple streams, projects, and products with conflicting priorities and constraints. 

Key Internal Relationships

Engineering, Product Managers, Product Design, Chief Product Officer, 

About Us

One of our long term goals is to see Practice Ignition become the central platform that enables cloud accounting practices. We aim to be the platform that links sales, to payments and remove/reduce the administrative processes involved with interacting with your accountant or financial advisor. As much as we’re focused on automating administration and processes within these businesses, it’s the clients that we ultimately aim to engage. 

We’re looking for smart, talented and experienced team members that can take ownership, articulate their point of view and back their opinions with a well researched and knowledgeable stance.

Our Head office is located in Sydney Australia, Our customers are global, so you will be helping customers from, US, UK, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. Building friendships and connections with an amazing and dynamic team all over the world. 

Company Values

“We are better everyday

We work without ego

We are smarter together

We hero our customer” 

  • We engage in robust and articulate dialogue while maintaining an open mind 
  • We are effective and work autonomously, but also with a strong team ethic. We may reward individual effort, but we most certainly play as a team in everything we do
  • We have the ability to focus yet still have a laugh in high-pressure situations
  • We are comfortable working with globally distributed teams who bring together complementary skill sets
  • We are proactive learners, and encourage the continuous development of our skill-sets
  • We are passionate about delivering services to our customers and able to champion their needs
  • We are able to think creatively and develop solutions for our customers