General Manager at Brosa

Melbourne melbourne full-time
Posted 21 days ago

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the General Manager will be responsible for leading the operations, logistics and supply chain functions of the business. The General Manager is accountable for strategizing, planning, directing and reviewing the execution of day to day operations and major functions across the organization via managing heads of departments and team leaders across the business.

You will be accountable for the planning and implementation of strategies that maximise the businesses capability of cost effectively serving customers to our agreed Service Level Agreements. Maximising contribution margin expansion through driving operational efficiencies is a key responsibility of the General Manager.

Working closely with the rest of the executive team you will be responsible for ensuring customer fulfillment is executed across all operational teams to an industry leading level consistent with our mission of making it simple for Australians to create a home they love. You will be regularly balancing short term priorities across our operations teams to deliver delightful customer experiences with long term strategies to build a defensible brand experience that scales as the business grows.

You will be consulting and working closely with the executive team across the finance, marketing / sales, and HR functions to build a high performing operations culture that delivers outstanding customer outcomes via efficient international supply chain operations, consistent post sale customer care, smooth distribution centre processing and best in class last mile delivery capabilities.

Key responsibilities

  • Building strategy and setting goals and key objectives for the organization and operations functions.
  • Leading day to day direction and management of major functions across the business, and building and championing key initiatives to achieve strategic milestones and goals that maximise efficiency, profit and margin while also delivering on our target customer service level agreements.
  • Adapting and responding to the dynamic changes in the business environment by leading and directing key heads of departments and team leaders within the business and operations teams.
  • Working closely and consulting with direct reports and heads of departments on processes, technology, systems, equipment, budgets and human resourcing to achieve key business goals.
  • Approve the funding and resourcing of major initiatives and their roll out plans
  • Playing the role of ambassador for the business at official events as well as negotiating on behalf of the business at key trade occasions such as annual trade fairs, conventions and conferences as well as forums
  • Preparing reports, budgets and forecasts, in partnership with the finance team, for presentation to the board of directors, wider shareholders and the larger management team to ensure adequate governance and alignment of key business priorities and performance
  • Hiring, managing and developing key senior staff across the General Manager's areas of responsibility
  • Supporting and working closely with other critical functions in the business particularly in the sales and marketing, merchandising, finance, technology and human resourcing functions.
  • Building a results-orientated and high performance culture in the business through a commitment to embodying Brosa‚Äôs family values.

Required Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of experience leading operations, international supply chain, customer fulfillment and logistics functions for a direct to consumer digitally native omnichannel furniture retail brand with >$50M in annual sales.
  • 5+ years experience working directly with furniture manufacturers based across China, India and Vietnam
  • Post Graduate qualifications in Management