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About Us

It’s our mission to build a world that communicates more humanly. Since 2001, we’ve been delivering innovative and powerful communication solutions. Today, we’re a communication intelligence company applying powerful machine intelligence and carefully developed algorithms to deliver effective human engagement at scale even when we are not face to face — all guided by our values of Listening, Respect, Innovation, and Passion.

Our customers use Whispir to communicate across multiple channels from SMS to email, to dynamic landing pages, voice and more – all easily configured to meet their specific needs. All of our customers benefit from our low code – no code platform and powerful APIs. Our promise is to deliver a platform capable of achieving the world’s highest engagement rates.

About the Position

Product designers at Whispir are a contributing member of a cross functional team who are responsible for delivering software that is desirable and usable for our customers, and delivers a great experience so our organisational goals can be met.

In the old days, designers took requirements or specifications from product managers and used that to create their designs. Modern product designers continuously collaborate with product managers and engineers. Rather than work on the latest project in the “design phase”, the modern product designer participates in all phases of a product, from discovery to delivery to iteration. They sit together with his or her product manager and the team of engineers building the product and are measured on the success of their product.

Good product designers anchor their work with a broad view of the experience. They empathise with the customer’s journey over time as they interact with the product and company as a whole, and consider the Service Design that surrounds the usage of the product, as well as the detail of the user interface. They regularly talk to customers and end users to understand needs, behaviours and motivations and are comfortable translating those into actionable insights and opportunities.

Good product designers consider questions like:

  • How will customers first learn about the product?
  • How will we onboard a first-time user and (perhaps gradually) reveal new functionality?
  • How might users interact at different times during their day?
  • What other things are competing for the user’s attention?
  • How might things be different for a 1-month old customer differ from a 1-year old customer?
  • How will we motivate a user to a higher level of commitment to the product?
  • How will we create moments of gratification?
  • How will a user share their experience with others?
  • What is it like to resolve a support issue?
  • How will customers receive an offline service?
  • What is the perceived responsiveness of the product?

About you:

At Whispir we are on a journey to continuously uplift and iterate on the craft of design and what this means in the context of our organisation. You will need to be comfortable with ambiguity and want to contribute to the overall success of the product, the company and the design function. You are comfortable giving and receiving feedback and passionate about sharing the value of design. In return you will find Whispir a highly collaborative and compassionate environment and the design team is one that supports, promotes and challenges each other. 

You will be coached, mentored and supported by our Head of Product Design and Senior Product Designer as you begin your product design journey. 

Ultimately we are looking for someone with knowledge of the design process, who can effectively communicate and drive to an outcome with optimism. 

1 -  3 years of commercial experience is desirable.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Psychology, related field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • Alternatively, immersive courses like General Assembly, Academy XI or IDEO.

Key responsibilities:

As an Associate Product Designer you will support the following activities:

  • Building usable prototypes and testing them with customers.
  • Conducting customer interviews.
  • Creating empathy maps.
  • Drafting user personas.
  • Building customer journeys through the product.
  • Exporting designs into usable elements that can be used by front end developers.

Expected outcomes:

  • Usability scores in production met (SUS).
  • Regular communication with our customers and end users.
  • All prototypes to be validated with real humans.
  • Figma files and documentation are well organised.

Every team is different, but this is roughly how you should expect to spend your time.

  • Talking with customers to uncover user needs. (10%)
  • Building prototypes and testing them with users. (30%)
  • Researching current products on the market. (10%)
  • Learning and development to increase your skills. (10%)
  • Design handover and implementation with engineering teams. (20%)
  • Working with product managers on ideas. (10%)

Contributing to the Design System. (10%)

Why We Think You Will Love Working at Whispir