UX Designer at Frugl

Brisbane, Queensland brisbane design full-time
Posted 24 days ago


We are an early stage start-up with a small suite of products. We operate in the consumer and B2B market with data being our business but we

also make apps that make a real impact for our users across Australia

We are not your typical start-up as we are ASX listed. We have seen some success with the first generation of our products and services but now it

is time for the next iteration to support the roadmap into the future which includes some things a little bit cooler than just an app for your phone


We are looking for the following person:

● You know that UI is not UX and that Retention, User Bounce, Engagement are not just things to look at after the job is done

● You have a special kind of kung fu when it comes to taking heavy MVP designs into loveable interfaces that people want to use. User

personas are your client and who you design things for

● Not only do you know what best practice for design is right now you know where it is heading and have one foot in what is next

● You know what an early stage start-up is and what that means in the UX Designer world


If that sounds like you these are the skills you are going to need:

● Experience with Consumer facing application best practice design

● Experience in UX Design Guides and converting wireframes to assets to be used by actual Developers

● Experience working in a small team of other Flutter Developers and collaborating with Product Managers

● Experience with UX for consumer mobile apps (and web apps) for iOS and Android working with User Stories

Bonus Points for:

● Experience with UX for B2B web apps with a heavy data element

● Working Knowledge of Flutter UX components

● Experience with designing for both Scale and a Roadmap

● Familiarity with Atlassian suite (specifically JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket)

● Familiarity with Payment Gateways

● Familiarity with Business Intelligence and ETL