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Senior Product Person
(Product designer with PM experience)

Key Facts

‍Level: Senior
Salary: $151,000 NZD (with Global Transparent Salaries)
Location: Remote, at least 4h overlap with NZT
Hours: 32 hours a week (4 day work weeks)
Benefits: 4 day work week, 20 days annual leave + 20 days sick/carer's leave + public holidays + transparent & global pay + more
Team size: 3 individual contributors + 1 management


At Runn we're a small team of keen generalists, most of us play more than one role and we like it! Our structure is pretty flat and we give people lots of ownership and trust.

In product is no different, we prefer to be a team of highly collaborative generalists helping each other than having a more traditional hierarchical approach.

The role is broad and it can a great opportunity for people who love variety and learning new skills. You will have ownership of opportunities/features and take them through the full product lifecycle. We start by finding the problem with our customers (using a variety of methods), then scope and design the solution, support engineers through the build stage, coordinate the release with marketing, measure the results and iterate.

Of course, we would never ask anyone to be amazing at all of these skills, we know people spend years mastering just one, but you need to be strong at product design or UX research, and be competent in most and be willing to learn a few.

How we work

Product development methodology:

We're work with shape up and have product people allocated to shaping and building. This role will be allocated to building but you'd be able to participate on the shaping process. All of our R&D activities happen alongside the shape up cycles of 6 weeks (building, shaping) and 2 weeks of cool down (Planning, fixing bugs, ux improvements, etc)


Figma for all the design, prototyping, digital white boarding and diagraming needs.
Notion for knowledge management, kanban, roadmaps, backlogs, etc
Slack for chat
Loom video for sharing ideas remotely
Google calendars, docs, spreadsheets and email
Intercom Customer Chat Support ****
Hubspot CRM
Dovetail research repo
Mixpanel usage/results measurement

Tech Stack:

Runn is built using a modern development stack React, Node, GraphQL, Postgres tested with Cypress and Vitest, and deployed via Github Actions.‍

Who are we looking for?

The ideal candidate would be an equal blend of strong product designer and project manager with curiosity to learn even more skills. In our experience people that are successful in this role can be:

  • Senior UX Designers working in fast paced digital agencies in which they're required to have face to face client meetings to discuss the design and project.
  • Product designers who moved to Product or Project management roles (or vice versa) and still love design
  • Product/UX designers who were business owners
  • Product or Project managers that can do high fidelity designs in figma and don't depend on product designers.
  • UX or Product designers with good experience as freelancers, contractors or ex-agency owners

That said we're open for candidates with different backgrounds as long as you can be successful with the responsibilities below:

Key responsibilities

  1. Own features throughout the product lifecycle. You'll have end-to-end ownership of features from: scope development, defining solutions, high fidelity design, user acceptance testing, coordinate the build with engineering, release with marketing and measure the results.
  2. Define and design solutions, get them ready to build. Play a hands-on role translating user needs into solutions, high fidelity product designs and fully-scope prototypes through to development incorporating stakeholder feedback and meet defined objectives.
  3. Acting as customer advocate as you lead successful management of stakeholders; You’ll start with a deep understanding of customer needs, pain-points and jobs to be done, and effectively present your ideas, proactively communicate through product cycles, and influence as you demonstrate effective product leadership and decision making.
  4. Support engineers through building cycle Make scope and design calls on the fly as engineers come up with constraints, edge cases and exceptions
  5. Help with research to identify problems and evaluate opportunities Be familiar with different research methods. Support discovery research, user testing, surveys, market research, analyse customer feedback and academic/scientific research.
  6. Coordinate release with Marketing and Customer Success. Work with our customer-facing teams to define the best release methods

Key challenges

  • The role is very broad and will require you to be confident with both product design & management and also be comfortable our of your comfort zone 🙂
  • Lead without authority, influencing a diverse range of stakeholders with strong opinions
  • Work with cross functional teams with different and at times conflicting wants & needs
  • Ability to make decisions on the fly in fast paced environment
  • Collaboration in async environment, communicate well with people out of your timezone
  • Requirement to be resourceful and flexible with ambiguity and/or on new things
  • Balancing great feature design and fast development, knowing when to be quick and when to take time

Must have

  • Experience in digital or product design. At least 5 years, with a portfolio/case studies/research projects to match.
  • Experience with project management.
  • Good leadership, communication and negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of different research methods and approaches, particularly interviews, surveys and user testing methods.
  • Experience designing for web and cloud-based systems
  • Be good with numbers, calculations and spreadsheets
  • Experience with design tools (we're a Figma shop) creating complex UI, flowcharts, wireframes and presentations.
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS

Nice to have

  • Academic degree in a related area
  • Prior agency experience
  • Experience with product promotion and customer acquisition
  • Experience with marketing or advertising
  • Experience with copywriting or content editing
  • Applied psychology/sociology knowledge
  • Illustration/animation skills
  • Knowledge of React and Javascript


  • Good emotional intelligence (empathy, listening, perspective taking, responding)
  • Curiosity & learning intelligence (new information, skill, people, scenarios)
  • Resourceful
  • Communication: High level of communication
    • Written, verbal, visual; considers effective content & form that’s fit for purpose
    • Communicating in async environment; concise, engaging, captures the key value points + more in-depth detail as fit-for purpose
    • Presenting ideas, recommendations, business case
    • Breaks through the noise with the signal
  • Highly collaborative approach
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-awareness


  • Runn is building a company based on values: honesty, integrity, talent, beauty, collaboration and diversity.
  • We have open and transparent salaries, which is set globally for all our staff and significant guaranteed pay rises for every year of service
  • 4 day work week at full pay (32 hours either over 4 or 5 days)
  • Strong benefits package, including 20 days paid leave, local public holidays, 20 days sick leave, access to extended unpaid leave, and more.
  • Fully paid for home office setup - MacBook pro laptop, monitors, desk, chair, and anything else you need.
  • Regular in-person catch ups and events.
  • Advance your skills, learn new techniques, and be surrounded by a talented and supportive team.
  • Thrive as you help us build a high-growth company to improve the work lives of thousands of people.
  • View more about Runn on our careers page.

Global Transparent Salaries

Runn has a transparent and equal pay policy, which means that all employees in the same role and level receive the same starting compensation regardless of location. We additionally pay people more the longer they stay at Runn. This policy ensures that all employees are treated fairly and equitably. Your final compensation will depend on your local tax laws. Read all the details of Runn’s Global Transparent Pay.