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Posted 24 days ago

A bit about Whispir

Whispir is a cloud software and communications platform that seeks to help organisations communicate like people. Our platform enables our customers to build powerful communications workflows and automate interactions between systems, business, devices and people - with no coding required.

The outcomes are powerful – people everywhere can have access to the right information at the right time so that they can make informed decisions, take action, engage and communicate with each other.

Organisations can finally start to behave how they have always wanted to – they can engage with people the way people do... in a timely, personal and contextually sensitive way with actionable, useful insights that promote richer and deeper engagement.

We know this because leading organisations use Whispir’s technology locally and globally every day for this reason. Whispir becomes their competitive advantage as they streamline their operations, improve their resilience and bring innovative new services to market quickly. We also see first-hand the capacity of these innovative solutions to assist saving lives and materially improve community outcomes.

What are we building and why it matters

The Whispir product team is building a communications intelligence platform. It's a way for customers to send messages via SMS, Email and other channels that deliver the world's highest engagement rates and a distraction-free messaging platform at the same time. Where we focus is on the effectiveness and engagement of the messages we send. So when you create a message inside of Whispir, our goal is to help customers design messages that actually drive engagement. 

As we all know, the world is distracted by messages that most people don't want or don't need and our mission is to change the way the world communicates for the better and get organisations communicating like people. If you want to work on authentic, machine learning focused products - Whispir is an amazing place to work.

What do product managers do at Whispir?

Product Managers work in small, autonomous cross functional teams and deliver 3 simple promises.

  1. Quality software that is desirable, viable, feasible to build, that solves real customer problems in production.
  2. They provide qualitative and quantitative data for each potential idea.
  3. And they actively complete the discovery roadmap, a formal track to ensure we are learning the right things to build.

Skills we look for:

Generally speaking we hire product managers with good judgement, good people skills and who exhibit the 5 key traits we look for - but knowing how to ship good software and being a good human to your peers are really the only skills that matter.

When we hire product managers, our interview format is designed to focus less on where you've worked and what you've done, and more about how you perform on practical exercises in the interview process. This means we are optimising for hiring the best person on the day, no matter who you are.

Traits we desire

Our interview format asks very specific questions that allow you to demonstrate the below traits. 

Are your ideas creative and demonstrate a good deal of lateral thinking?

Do you logically break down a problem and cover off edge cases in a thoughtful manner. One way we use analytical skills in practice is to do firmi estimations to work out potential market sizes for certain ideas. 

Do your solutions support Whispir's Mission, Our vision for the future and our short term goals.

We are looking for candidates who can persuade a room and manage stakeholders effectively.

5. Curious

We are looking for product managers who can suspend judgement and be curious about customers, solutions and problems.

What does success look like?

  • Great software in production that our customers can easily use.
  • Attainment of the product & technology OKRs
  • Provide regular feedback to your peers and members of your cross functional teams.
  • Complete all the data collection for your ideas.
  • Growth and development of your skills over time.

How product managers spend their time

Product managers spend most of their time in the following ways. To give you a rough sense of where the other product managers spend their time, we've listed rough percentages.

  • Preparing backlog candidates and running a discovery track to learn what to build and why (30%)

  • Reviewing data from the platform via things like Segment, Fullstory, Mixpanel etc. (10%)

  • Unblocking the team (20%)

  • Talking to customers (20%)

  • Working with internal stakeholders to collect insights (10%)

  • Administration / Meetings (10%)

We don’t know it all, so we don’t expect you to either! We’re looking for passionate and innovative people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and create extraordinary things. We still want to hear from you even if you don't meet all of the above requirements so if you’re ready to change the way our world communicates, Apply Now!