Customer Experience Manager at Ovira

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Posted 1 months ago

In a nutshell

Join a fast growing start up that’s here to solve period pain problems. We need your help to bring an incredible customer experience to more people.

Who we are

Ovira is on a mission to end needless suffering for women, starting with period pain. For too long, period pain has been something we’re just supposed to accept as part of life. And if you’re unlucky enough to have one of it’s bigger, badder cousins (Endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, adenomyosis or pelvic inflammatory disease), then too bad for you. Pop some serious pain killers for a week a month, and just get on with it. Well. We don’t think that’s good enough. We’re here to solve the problems of having lady parts.

Our first product is a tiny wearable device that uses electronic pulses to block pain signals. It’s drug-free, safe and invisible under your clothes. Since our first sale in February this year, we’ve brought relief to more than 4000 people.  

We need your help to make their experience even better as we grow.

Who you are

When it comes to building a team, you’re no slouch. You’ve built or grown a team before, and you learned a few things along the way. You know you need to build the systems and tools for the team to use, alongside adding people to the team. You know that happy people do the best work, and that being able to get things done makes people happy. You’re able to remove roadblocks, give helpful feedback and listen deeply. You believe in your team and you want the best experience for them, so that they can bring that love to our community.

We’re still a really small team, but we’re growing fast, so we need you to be able to grow with us. You’re not afraid to make mistakes, because you know that mistakes are just a stepping stone to getting it right. And you also want to get it right, so you’re willing to keep coming back and making things better.

You’re a learner, who loves to:

  • gather evidence to inform your choices
  • make some decisions
  • get things done
  • then gather more evidence to see how it really went 

We call this a Learning Loop.

Picture yourself in the role

You’ll be employee number 3, reporting to our CEO, Alice. You’ll be responsible for working closely with Alice to improve the processes to make them repeatable and build the team. You’ll be involved in all the customer related decisions, and your input and experience will be vital to helping us get more things right quickly.

Our community includes a facebook group of over 5000 fans, as well as thousands of customers based in Australia and the US. We’ll be opening up more geographies soon, so your team will need to be able to service people all over the globe. 

Our community is very engaged, and we care about them deeply. Part of our mission is to help women (and other people with period pain) to feel heard and listened to. We know from experience how much it sucks to feel ignored or marginalised. You’ll be responsible for creating and delivering amazing experiences to our customers and to our broader community. You’ll start with making sure the basics are right, repeatable and ready to scale; and then you’ll start to add cream and cherries on top.

If you were here this week you would have:

  • Looked back through our history of customer queries and responses to get a feel for what’s working and not for our community.
  • Responded directly to some customer requests or issues, making sure that you deeply understand what they need and solve it for them, fast.
  • Met with the Marketing team to better understand our growth trajectory, and how you can work together to build an amazing end-to-end experience
  • Met with Alice to plan for growing the team, thinking about timezones and expansion milestones
  • Built some response templates to make responding faster and better 
  • Collated common queries and reviewed our FAQs page to make sure it’s addressing all the regular questions. Then met with the rest of the team to talk about how else these queries could be addressed to improve the experience.

The nuts and bolts

This is a full-time role based in Sydney, but working remotely for the interim (thanks COVID).  

The salary range is $90-110k + super.

Ready to apply?

If you’re ready to chuck your hat in the ring and find out more about us, then please send us your Linkedin profile, and a cover letter that answers these questions

  1. Tell us about the best customer experience you’ve ever had? What made it amazing?  
  2. Tell us about your philosophy for managing a team. What do you think matters the most?
  3. How do you learn from customer feedback? What’s your best tip to make this systematic?