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In a nutshell

Help us support our city-maker customers in understanding and taking action with our data

Why you might love working with us

A small team with big ambitions, we believe that social data can help us build cities where people thrive.  We help city-makers (urban planners, developers, local councils and governments) to better understand communities. We gather data showing what people think and feel, and how they behave in neighbourhoods. We develop innovative ways to analyse that data to uncover insights, and our customers then use what they’ve learned to make better decisions about how to build and improve neighbourhoods.

How we work

We have an awesome office in North Melbourne, and we also work from home or somewhere else. We like to work on being effective and getting the important things done, not on counting our hours or putting in face time. We really care about delivering for our clients, so we flex our schedules to get the job done. We also care about our families and personal lives, so we flex for that stuff too.

We’re not your average tech company - our leadership team is 80% women (including our co-founders), we’re purpose driven and our founders are internationally recognised thought leaders in the place-making industry. We’re not into flashy perks like beer taps, table tennis or beanbags - instead we focus on having great people who care about each other, and about getting great work out into the world.

If you’re driven to work with a team that cares, on problems that matter, we’d love to hear from you.

About the role

We are happy to let the capability and experience of the candidate drive how we shape the role (ie; let's find a great person and see where and how they can add the best value). We have developed a technology platform which creates data about the lifestyle values and habits of local neighbourhoods across the world to help the property sector make decisions that improve the Urban Life of local communities. But as we are a highly innovative product our clients need a lot of guidance and support in onboarding and using the platform to find the insights they need for their unique project questions. 

Our clients range from government - Greater Sydney Commission, City of Melbourne etc - to property developers - Stockland, LendLease, and major asset owners - Monash University, Frankston Hospital. 

So we need more passionate advocates to help our clients use our data, which could involve anything from - trying to troubleshooting platform onboarding, to updating our standard 'how to' guides, to leading a client workshop to unpack a client's unique project problem so our analysts can create the best insights.

We are in the process of creating our customer support systems - whether they are standard emails, or bespoke workshops - and we need people to help us improve our figure out what our clients need, and improve our processes to give them fast, reliable information. 

Im from a community engagement background, how does this compare?

While in some ways what we do is the opposite to community engagement - ie we dont actually speak to anyone! - we are passionate advocates for the community voice, and see our data as an essential complement to community engagement teams and projects to make better local neighbourhoods. At every step of the way we are asking ourselves how our data can best represent that lived experience of local neighbourhoods and help our clients make better human-centred decisions. 

Who you are

  • You are a passionate citymaker who is inspired by how innovation can change the industry for the better. For you, the best part of your job is knowing that the work you do improves the world.  
  • You’re a confident communicator, who is happy picking up the phone or giving an impromptu product demonstration. 
  • With a love for process (and possibly Hubspot), you enjoy looking at how systems can be improved for efficiency or better outcomes.
  • You can be counted on for making sure nothing gets missed, and your attention to detail means your colleagues can rely on you. 
  • You’re a true ‘people person’, who loves working with clients or peers to understand problems and find solutions. 
  • You’re excited to combine your skills in consulting with our expertise in technology and analytics to help citymakers make better decisions. 
  • You’re a learner, so exploration and feedback are important to you. You spend time keeping up on the latest research and you love to think about what might be possible with our data. 
  • As a colleague, you seek feedback and constantly seek to improve your effectiveness.  You want to know when your work is appreciated, and also when you’ve missed the mark. 
  • You’re straightforward - able to say what you think, and hear what others think. You’re excited by the opportunity to do lots of different things, to work with smart & innovative colleagues, and to be able to make rapid progress (and so are we!).

Picture yourself in the role

Working in a diverse team, you will be assisting our customers in getting the best of our data. From customer onboarding and training through to taking action, you’ll guide them through neighbourhood selection, onboarding, using the platform and understanding their insights as they seek to use Neighbourlytics’ unique data insights to make better cities. 


If you were here this week, you would have:

  • Spent time in Hubspot setting up email sequence and document sharing automations. 
  • Headed to a local urban planning consultancy to provide an overview and demo of our platform over a lunch time meeting. 
  • Followed up with customers on previously sent quotes to keep the opportunities alive.
  • Worked with our co-founder and urban thought leader, Lucinda Hartley, to brief her on a client presentation one of your clients has requested. 
  • Discussed top customer queries and pain points with Cat (Head of Commercialisation), to inform her work around improving the overall customer journey.  
  • Met with Ella from our project insights team to learn more about how our data can be applied to a specific client use case. 
  • Made a list of systems and processes that we could improve next time we sent that email or presentation.

Perks and benefits

  • Hybrid work flexibility: Our team works from the location that helps them do their best work.  We also do some in-person collaboration from time to time.
  • 1 Full learning day every 3 weeks: We make sure you have time to work on skills and projects that challenge and inspire you and help you achieve your own learning goals. 
  • Access to a learning budget: Your team has a shared learning budget so you can discuss the possible learning opportunities and decide together how best to spend it.
  • ESOP Opportunities: we have an ESOP program to recognise our staff and this is made available to key roles following the probation period. 

Keen to apply?

If this sounds like a job you’d love, then please apply below. Be sure to include your LinkedIn profile and answers to these questions:

  1. What’s one thing that you see commonly in your field but you think isn’t the best approach?  Why?  What do you think is better?
  2. Tell us about a process you automated.  What did you do, and who did it help?
  3. Describe your customer service philosophy in 100 words or less.