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About AmazingCo

We create moments of memorable fun through experiences you'll love.

From milestone celebrations, unique catch ups or date nights at home, we're all about how you connect with the people, places & communities important to you.

From our founding team to the newest members, we’ve all personally seen the positive impact of time better spent with friends, family and colleagues. Today, we consciously and creatively focus our entire business on making this happen for others.

We do this by designing and delivering our own exclusive experiences which our customers discover through our purpose built platform. A platform that also not only enables but empowers our experience providers to ensure seamless experience delivery that delights. In our business, customer and provider experience is king.

We are the first global-scale experiences business taking a new approach to leisure time and how people spend their everyday lives. A high growth, venture capital backed, technology and data-focused consumer company based in Melbourne, Australia - and we’re taking our vision to the world!

Job Overview

Do you spend your life dreaming up incredible experiences, going to events and helping others have joyful moments?

Do you want to be part of a team that get to create new concepts and bring the coolest ideas to life?

Do you love the idea of supporting your team’s wildest dreams to go global for people everywhere to enjoy?

Do you truly believe that a company can improve human connection at the most fundamental level by recreating and inspiring people around their use of leisure time?

If you’re saying Yes, yes, yes to all of this you need to apply to join our Experience Design Team at AmazingCo.

About the Experience Design Team

The Experience Design Team at AmazingCo dream up and shape new experience concepts, with the intent that they can scale globally - and take AmazingCo further. They also run the schedule of which experiences will appear in each city - and when.

The Opportunity

We are looking for creative individuals who really get what it takes to design memorable customer experiences. It might be self-guided, an ‘at home’ experience, involve new technology, involve transforming a space or bringing something completely new to the market. Jump in and make a difference in a growing, dynamic team!

Core responsibilities - what will you do?

NOTE - we are recruiting for both junior and senior roles, the day to day responsibilities will be tailored appropriately to role level

  • BUILD HIGH QUALITY EXPERIENCES THAT OUR CUSTOMERS WILL LOVE - take a lead role in the design and delivery of experiences (Senior), and support the delivery execution of new formats (Junior)
    • SET UP EPIC PARTNERSHIPS - Track down and build relationships and negotiate with amazing businesses and providers to craft exclusive experiences, never seen before results and market lead innovations
    • ENHANCE EXPERIENCES THROUGH STORYTELLING - create engaging copy, interactive content and media to accompany our experiences
    • Support wider team processes to ensure all stakeholders are kept informed and the wider user experience supported
    • OBSESS OVER FEEDBACK AND DATA - Understanding out customers. Testing experiences, seeking customer and supplier feedback and analysing it to make the experiences the best they can be
  • CREATE CONNECTION - help our customers better connect with people, places and communities through amazing experiences
  • OBSESS OVER DETAILS - think through every element of the experience from the eyes of the customer, and make sure it’s designed seamlessly
  • MAKE MEMORABLE MOMENTS - Relentlessly look for ways to squeeze WOW factor into the experience through memorable moments and unique surprises
  • BUILD PLAYBOOKS & BELIEVE IN CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - Recording, refining and tweaking processes - and collaborating with the team - to help take 10/10 experiences to more cities across the globe

    Success metrics

    • Delivering the first iterations of new concepts with the support of the team
    • Customer mindset
      • Collect and manage feedback to help inform experience improvements
      • Shape experiences so that they can consistently achieve NPS +90 as they launch in new markets
      • Shape experiences to ensure cost of delivery ratios can be met in accordance with the expectations for different experiences
    • Building playbooks that can be followed by our event coordinators in cities around the world to deliver the 2nd and 3rd iterations of these new concepts
    • Manage your time effectively so that you are able to build amazing experiences within set timeframes
    • Values alignment -
      • Team player
      • We are invested in our family
      • Could we? Should we? Let’s do it!
      • Positive energy
      • Love experiences!
      • Willingness to learn, share and mentor

      Required Experience

      • Junior : Minimum 3 years work experience / Senior : Minimum 5 years professional - relevant - experience and experience managing a small team
      • Experience in Event management/planning, design or creative or hospitality management
      • Tertiary qualification
      • Demonstrated creative experience - outline in your cover letter how your creative background is relevant to this role
      • Examples of where you’ve planned and delivered memorable experiences
      • Experience managing clients and/or partnerships
      • Demonstrate experience where attention to detail was required
      • Preferable - experience in design programs and project management

        Required Skills

        • Creative & resourceful
        • Problem solving capabilities
        • Detail obsessed
        • Ability to thrive in a fast paced environment
        • Organised and able to manage work priorities
        • Proactive and self motivated
        • Excellent communication skills
          • Professional and creative writing
          • Pitching and negotiating with providers
        • Confidence with Canva and a good eye for graphic design is a huge plus!
        • Style!


        • Work in the wonderful field of events without the arduous late night bump outs and inflexible hours.
        • Attractive salary, based on experience
        • Work from home flexibility. Most of our team are remote globally, and our HQ is a thriving and energy rich Abbotsford converted warehouse (and dog friendly!) office space. Close to trains, trams, great coffee and more
        • A great workplace culture, with no red tape. If you have a great idea and want to try something, lets prioritise it and see if we can scale it against the KPI’s
        • Big mission, real meaning: work in a business that seriously cares about culture and improving the experiences of our customers
        • Learning and development opportunities, with even more career opportunities as we continue to grow. Plus you’ll work alongside experienced co-founders with existing success in building and growing startups
        • We are an experiences business and we test everything we create on ourselves! Enjoy frequent team wide experiences and staff discounts across our portfolio
        • Wind the week down with a beer, wine or non-alcoholic refreshment on Fridays. We bring a family attitude to work and all contribute to building our culture
        • Taking over the world... We’re not kidding, we really do have seriously ambitious growth plans and are really excited to find the next brilliant mind to join us. You bring your energy and we’ll pay it back in spades. Our people are everything.

        Salary and employment status

        • $60k - $100k
          • We are looking for people with at least 3 years work experience for junior roles
          • Minimum 5 years professional - relevant experience for senior roles -
          • salary to reflect experience
          • Permanent: full time or part time
        • Must have ongoing valid working rights in Australia
        • Location - Melbourne - Home to our HQ & Founders

        We are super excited about what we are building - and the team we’re building. We can’t wait to find the perfect next fit for our growing family. If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you!