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OwnHome’s Mission

OwnHome’s mission is to turn renters into homeowners. We believe all Australians deserve the opportunity to build a life and family in the security of their own home, especially the 4.5m young Australians who don't own the home they live in. 

As property prices have skyrocketed, millions of Australians have been left behind with no clear path to homeownership - forced to put their dreams of homeownership on hold. As a result, renters are missing out on a critical wealth-building opportunity: owning a home.

At OwnHome, we're building an on-ramp to homeownership – one that overcomes crippling deposit hurdles, is more flexible, and an overall better fit for the modern Australian family.

About the role 🏠

Don’t know what a Chief of Staff does?

These two articles will give you a good idea - here and here.

What we are looking for in a COS is someone that can act as an extension of the Co-CEOs. We are consciously hiring for this role earlier than some companies, looking for a specific (and rare) chief of staff who is capable of owning, typically sequentially, very different missions. This largely involves the following responsibilities:

  • Helping execute day-to-day on strategic priorities that span across the entire business, and working closely with the two Co-CEOs to define, track, and drive priorities that will change the future of OwnHome and housing affordability in Australia

  • Improve prioritisation, decision making, and execution across the organisation

    • Develop agendas and materials for executive meetings; track next steps and follow-ups to completion

    • Drive continuous improvement of organisational gaps, stepping in occasionally to own a process until you help us find / hire the best owner of this gap 

  • Create high quality presentations for the OwnHome Board; external partners and other audiences

Examples of specific but disparate challenges you will likely tackle early on: 

  • Sales operations: Developing the systems and playbooks across the OwnHome customer lifecycle

  • People: i) Develop the recruiting strategy and playbook to find the very best talent to work at OwnHome; ii) Build out the onboarding process for new hires joining OwnHome

  • Ops. Find and onboard cost-effective BPO support for repetitive processes in the customer onboarding journey

  • PR. Prioritise and shortlist media channels OwnHome should be tapping as it builds its own authentic consumer-facing voice

We’d be thrilled to have you join the OwnHome team because you are or have….

  • Super Organizer: Yoy love making order out of chaos, you need to be a methodical organizer.

  • Strategic Thinker: You need to be able to see the big picture of things. A strategic mindset helps align detailed work to the big picture strategy, as well as evaluate what is urgent versus important.

  • GSD Reputation: GSD stands for Get [Stuff] Done. You have a reputation for never dropping the ball.

  • Exceptional written, presentation, and verbal communications skills that can be applied across organizational levels, countries and cultures

  • Excellent collaboration skills to work closely with senior leadership on the team and across groups.

  • Proven track record of developing effective partnerships across groups, ability to influence senior leaders

  • Manage confidentiality without exception

  • Strong attention to detail and a focus on execution

  • Capable of strong individual contribution and influence across non-direct reporting teams

  • Experience working in a creative team environment


  • 3+ years in a high performance environment, whether that is consulting, banking, technology or a high growth startup.

  • Ability to execute tactically but also be strategic

What you’ll get from OwnHome

  • Mentorship and support from the two cofounders who you will be working alongside 

  • A generous salary, bonus and equity package - you are a business builder and owner of one of Australia’s fastest growing startups

  • Health / fitness / phone allowance: $2,400 p.a.

  • Self education allowance of $2,500 p.a to be spent on whatever you think will help you grow

  • Epic offsite each year 🥳