Full-Stack Developer at Coviu Global

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Posted 1 months ago

We're looking for an experienced full stack developer to help us make quality health care more accessible.

About us

We are a local, well funded startup that is helping to extend what is possible in healthcare. We do this by providing a web-based platform for medical professionals and patients that makes conducting online consultations a breeze, and augments the experience with relevant clinical tools and medical information.

We're a small, friendly and capable team that values people - one of our founders is active with the W3C, and was a co-editor of the W3C video specification. As a company, we've spun out from our roots within CSIRO and are just closing our Series A investment round after having had exponential growth during the COVID19 crisis.

We'll be expanding quickly over the next year as we scale internationally, so it's a great time to join the team and grow with us.

The role

As a full stack developer, you'll be helping us drive the development of our health consultation platform. In addition to helping build our client facing web application (with a particular focus on a top notch user experience), you'll also be responsible for developing and maintaining the backend systems that drive our APIs.

You'll be working across most of our platform components, including our WebRTC based video conferencing solution, third party integrations, and our internal and external applications. You will also be using a variety of technologies - including React and Mercury on the front-end, as well as Node.js (primarily), Haskell and Scala.

As part of your job, you will also be part of the release team, doing thorough quality reviews on the code while striking a balance between the product priorities and feature launches. You will also be required to handle level 3 customer service requests, and may need to speak and troubleshoot the issue directly with the customer.

You'll be helping to build our engineering culture by identifying and communicating best practices, participating in code reviews, and assisting with onboarding new members to the team.

What we're looking for

As our stack is heavily based on Javascript technologies, you will have:

- Experience as a full stack engineer delivering production ready systems using modern Javascript

- Working knowledge of Scala and functional programming paradigms

- Knowledge of Haskell would be advantageous

- Experience in building production ready applications with an intuitive user experience

- An understanding of the WebRTC framework for real-time browser based audio and video communications

- Experience in managing and handling release processes in a microservices based environment

- Demonstrated skills of writing simple and robust asynchronous code

- A deep understanding of software engineering fundamentals

- Proven debugging and troubleshooting skills

- Excellent communication skills and the ability to contribute as part of a team, and liaise with customers from time to time

- A love of clean, maintainable code

- Pragmatism. Be able to build simple, elegant solutions that strike the balance between perfection and shipping things quickly.