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Grow your global impact 🙌 | Work from anywhere | AEST timezone | Part-time (3 days a week) | Knowledge in Sheets, SQL, Tableau, Mixpanel, Segment, Amplitude, Python/R, statistics and are continuously looking to add to your toolkit (Experience for all tools not required, but experience in similar tools are a must-have).

Are you our Rubik’s Data Master? We’re looking for a data and analytical whiz who knows how to transform data puzzles into game-changing insights, for life-changing impact.

🚀 About Lived

Our mission Lived is on a mission to radically change the way people access and experience support for overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges—starting with alcohol.

Our vision We believe the future of health support is peer-led and science-backed, because there can be no greater or more compassionate teacher than lived experience. We know that by connecting people with others’ lived experiences, we can better support them to reach their goals faster and with greater care.

What is Lived? Lived is an app that supports people to drink less and live more, by connecting them with the support, wisdom and guidance of people who have been there themselves and understand what works.

🧮 About the role

As a Data Analyst for Lived, you will…

  • Own, structure, and update reports. You will design and drive KPI setting and the company scorecard, while constantly iterating to drive better business and member insights for growth and learning.
  • Translate our database into tangible, action-oriented insights that help to breakdown barriers and better understand opportunities—helping teams to stay one step ahead at all times. You shine a light on “A-HA’s” that will be pivotal in improving our product.
  • Communicate your findings in easily understandable, visually intuitive ways, having a keen eye for what is a key takeaway vs. detail or noise.
  • Quantify the impact of launches / investigate issues by taking a hypothesis-driven approach, so that we can get to the root cause quickly.
  • Improve data infrastructure and culture at Lived by automating and improving visualisation of reports. By working with Engineering and other teams, you strive to continuously improve our data processes to make it sustainable and easy for the team to make data part of our DNA.
  • Support the product team as they embark on quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Assist in forecasting and other qualitative modelling activities.

💗 Let's talk about you

  • 🤓 You are naturally curious and inquisitive, and yet commercially-savvy as well

    Your thirst “to know” is insatiable. You have relentless curiosity, and follow through on those shower thoughts only to uncover insights that would otherwise be buried deep in the Egyptian tombs. BUT, this is is not curiosity for knowledge’s sake. You seek to know because you believe that your hypothesis will impact our members, Guides, and business in an outsized manner.

  • 🌈 You're empathetic and you think in colour

    You are aware that everything is not black and white. You take not only the data, but also the context to come up with your best representation of the facts. You care about the human behind the data—members and Guides, and take a strong interest in their perspective.

  • 😎 You are technically savvy and are a life-long learner

    You have held a similar role before and know what great looks like. You have experience with Sheets, SQL, Tableau, Mixpanel, Segment, Amplitude, Python/R, statistics and are continuously looking to add to your toolkit. (Experience for all tools not required, but experience in similar tools are a must-have)

  • 🙌 You are self-aware and vulnerable

    In order to be successful you will need to know your strengths and weaknesses, ruthlessly prioritise tasks and prioritise when needed.

  • ❤️ You care, a lot

    Like a-lot, a-lot. You will often hear the expression "be a good human" at Lived. (i.e. don't eat the last cookie in the cookie jar without filling it up. If something takes your teammate 30 minutes and you 3 minutes, do it for them. And if you know someone is nervous about a big preso, volunteer private time so they can practice with you). These random acts of goodness should come naturally to you, without overt thought or thinking of "wow I really went out of my way". It's just how you are wired.

  • ❌ Let's talk about the things we don't value

    ❌ No narcissistic traits/self importance/arrogance

    ❌ People that talk at us, instead of with us

    ❌ Cares more about being right than getting it right

🤷 Why join?

  • Work with purpose and pride: Knowing that your efforts will genuinely change lives around the world for the better.
  • Work at a global, seed-stage startup with the goal of successfully scaling operations: Where you get to be a part of genuinely shaping the future of the product, culture and business. We have a small team and flexible environment making it easy to rapidly iterate.
  • Work from anywhere: We are a fully-remote, flexible (and awesome) team.
  • Learn from the best: Join a diverse team of people from Uber, eBay, Canva, Secure Code Warrior and more.

☀️ Highlights

  • 💼 Backed by top investors including Folklore, Antler, Airtree, Simon Griffiths (Co-Founder & CEO of Who Gives A Crap), and more.
  • 👀 Featured in the Australian Financial Review as one to watch.
  • 🤝 Partnered with Monash University, The Buttery, Australian Federal Government and other industry leaders.
  • 💪 Founder: CEO & Founder Sally Krebs is one of the youngest (and most fierce) CEO's in the global Social Impact Start-up community—having founded Lived at just 27. Read her story here.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Our team

We are a global, distributed team across Australia and North America (and growing!).

Our team and all of our Guides are made up of people who have lived experience with addiction. People who are living examples of what's possible. People who actually know what it takes.

👍 Our values

Values are actions not just ideas. They inform the way we treat each other and those we support, as well as the products and experiences we build. With a shared understanding of our values, we can go further together.

  • 🤝 People are the priority. Period.

    Lived is built by and for real people. From the goals we set to the way we hire; the products we build, to the way we speak—people are always the priority. We hire extraordinary humans and look way beyond just their capabilities. Our team don't miss doctor's appointments or our friend's birthdays—because we're people first and employees second. We're building products to drive better human connection and inclusion. We support 'people living with addiction' and never 'addicts'. We thrive on this connection to ourselves, our peers, our community and our cause.

  • 💎 Clear is kind

    We are highly transparent and embrace vulnerability—and see the extraordinary power in both of those things. We value inclusivity, direct communication, candid feedback and high respect for one another. Our circle of trust enables us to work better, smarter and faster.

  • 🙌 Lead with pride

    Shame and stigma have no place in addiction—or at Lived. We couldn't be more proud of the people and community we support, and we sing it loud and proud. Our bold mission is matched by our determination. We stick to our word and will always do what’s right over what’s easy. We don’t shy away from tough conversations, but we always consider who may be listening.

  • 👂 Listen carefully

    We never have all of the answers. We never assume. We seek to understand. The conversation around addiction and how we best support people will be constantly evolving—and we’ll always be listening, and pushing ourselves to learn and grow

🏃‍♂️ The process we run (so we BOTH know what good likes like)

  • Hit apply and follow the prompts If your CV is longer than 2 pages long, try again)
  • First interview: Your interview with one of the leaders of the business

    Yup, your opportunity to ask our CEO anything you like, after all this is also about us convincing you to work with us. (not that you will need too much! 😊)

  • Second interview: Founder and another Leader will interview you 30-60 mins

    We will go DEEP on your craft in this one, you will have fun. This will either be with our Head Coach, Head of Product or Head of Marketing but don't worry you will meet them all later in the process. Great leaders want to work with other great leaders.

  • Short case study

    This is your chance to convince the wider team, we are still a small team and we are all about inclusion and involving everyone in the process. This is actually less about the case study and more about your insight, how you communicate, and for us to see how your brain will work. The expectation is you spend no more than an hour or two on this. Likely an interesting operational challenge.

  • Lunch with the team.

    In person If you're a Sydney sider, if not - we can jump on a zoom call.

  • Final culture interview — With someone outside of the business, we trust.

    You will get to meet one of our investors. Depending on who you are will depend on who this might be, they are all incredible operators so this will also be a TREAT.

  • Offer.

    This won't be a shock, we will talk to you about what an offer might look like towards the end of the process and give you the chance to tell us what is important to you.

If we are incredibly excited by you as a future teammate we will fast track this process. If at any stage we decide that there’s not a fit we will let you know straight away.

Last but not least: Addiction is a problem that touches every part of society — no matter what gender, racial background, sexual orientation, or religious belief. That’s why we are building a team that is just as diverse as the people affected by addiction.