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We're searching for Arlibert Einstein...is that you? 👀

🧪🎨There's something pretty special that happens when art mixes with science. Some people call it creative problem-solving, some people call it design, some people call it innovation. Whatever you call it, when you get the balance just right, extraordinary things can happen—and life as we know it can change in an instant (Apple, Facebook, Google... 👀).

That's why we're on the lookout for the ultimate mixologist of art and science—because together, we're going to completely reimagine and revolutionise addiction support for good.

🅰 About Arli

Arli is on a mission to radically change the way people access and experience support for addiction and addictive behaviours. Arli gives people who have problems with alcohol, drugs and certain behaviours, 24/7 access to the tools and community they need to build their confidence, knowledge, strength, and ultimately...the lives they want.

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    Arli believes that the future of healthcare is peer-led and clinically-backed. Bridging the gap between clinical interventions and human experience, Arli aims to deliver the most effective, personalised and informed outcomes for people struggling with any addiction type. As a Shared Experience Platform, Arli connects people who are seeking support, with experienced peer Coaches who have already achieved the outcomes they are seeking. Via the Arli app, people connect with Coaches through free audio guides (Paths and Programs); daily content (short, daily activities and intentions); and 1:1 Coaching.

👩‍🔬👩‍🎨 About the role

Your identical (but slightly less clever and artistic) twin Albert Einstein once said:

At Arli, we know the world is a friendly place—so we use our technology, our scientific discoveries and our natural creative resources to create tools and models for understanding that universe new thinking that changes lives.

We have the vision (you'll work hand in hand with leaders across the business), we have the technology (you can meet our amazing engineering team later), we have the science (our Chief Research Scientist is also amazing), but we need the creative resource to bring it all to life—and that's where you come in.

As the first UX/UI designer in the business, you will be innovating and designing the products that maximise value for Arli's members and creators—and perhaps even eventually win a Nobel Prize for changing so many lives (but no pressure).

Your impact will be wide and varied, but your key responsibilities will include:

  • Change the world and win a Nobel Prize (the latter only, is optional)
  • Designing the UX and UI of our products, from low-fidelity wireframes through to production-ready UI
  • Owning design from concept to production because we know there's a lot that happens in between
  • Validation and usability testing with our members because when we assume we make an.... you know how it goes
  • Working closely with product to align our product strategy and research and brainstorm ideas with the wider team.
  • Working closely with engineering to ensure you're design with feasibility in mind
  • Suggest improvements to design and performance to product and engineering

🖌 What skills does Arlibert Einstein have?

You are experienced with, but not limited to:

  • Previous native mobile app design experience
  • A master in Figma or Sketch to deliver beautiful, systematic and structured design work
  • A solid understanding of core UX principles and patterns
  • Strong UI design skills
  • The ability to design low fidelity UX prototypes all the way through to pixel-perfect production-ready for UI
  • Familiarity with agile and scrum ways of working
  • Be able to verbally communicate and visualise your ideas
  • Process feedback from the product teams and our member community and seamlessly integrate them into design work in an iterative process
  • Lead or collaborate with product to understand customer needs and translate them into product designs

🤔 Who is Arlibert Einstein (aka Arli's UX/UI Designer)?

"Arlibert constantly challenges notions, not only their own, but those that came before them, to reach revolutionary new ideas."

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    nailed it

  • 🧠 Someone with huge hair and even bigger ideas

    We don't really care about your hair situation...but your innovative thinking, critical problem solving skills and creative process are everything.

  • 👨‍🎨 Someone who oozes creativity and innovation

    Problem solving is like breathing to you. You're a naturally creative mind with an endless thirst for innovation, new ideas, and improving the way humans experience the world.

  • 🌉 Someone who can bridge the gap between science, data and the human experience

    You ****know how to distill complex ideas, insights and concepts into highly engaging consumer experiences.

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Someone that is inspired and driven by human behaviour and insights

    You truly understand people. You know how they work, what motivates them and what turns them off. You anticipate the needs of others before they can even recognize it themselves.

  • 🥤Someone with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and inspiration

    As a natural creative, you seek inspiration and understanding from a wide range of universes—but you never stop seeking to learn from and understand those that you're building for.

  • 🏋️‍♀️ Someone who never stops challenging themselves and the human experience

    You own your area and take enormous pride and responsibility in what goes out the door. Feedback is a huge part of your process, because you never want to stop iterating and improving on what's been done before. We will constantly hear you ask "is there a better way to approach this?"

  • ↔️ Someone that is equal parts left brain and right brain (and smart enough to know that this isn't really a thing)

    You are a polymath. You are a born creative, who is able to apply creative problem solving skills and understanding in a range of fields: mathematical, commercial, analytical, emotional.

  • 🤝 Someone that is autonomous and collaborative

    You own your day and the way you work. You are autonomous in the lab, but you also know when and how to pull people together (you're also never afraid to ask for support or input).

  • ⛵️ Someone that isn't afraid to try and test new things

    There's a lot of trial and error with start-ups. But you're the type of person who celebrates mistakes as much as the wins (because you know that's where the real lessons are). You pick yourself up when you fall (and you know how to support others when they're down too). And just like your twin...[you never stop trying to improve.](https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2013/03/21/albert-einstein-not-much-of-a-sailor/#:~:text=Despite sailing for over half,near collisions with other vessels.)

🙅‍♀️ Who isn't Arlibert Einstein? ❌

How would we describe the person that is not quite right for this role?

  • You are a perfectionist who doesn't like to show their work until is completely done.
  • You hold stubborn opinions in grey areas and you care more about being right, rather than getting the right outcome.
  • You are unable to balance blue-sky thinking with actionable insights and ideas.
  • The FBI have a 1,400+ page file on you, like your twin.

🏆 What's in it for you (apart from that Nobel)?

We believe people do their best work when they are healthy and happy.

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  • 🌟 Purpose

    • Be part of a movement that is changing lives and changing the future of addiction for good
  • 🌏 Work anywhere. Live your life.

    • Join us anywhere in the world as part of a fully distributed team
    • No commuting! We give you the freedom and flexibility to work when you want, and where you want (as long as there is enough overlap for key meetings with our team in the U.S and Australia).
    • This is not vanity flexibility. Our engineers often go surfing at lunchtime for a few hours.
  • 🏋️‍♂️ Training

    Your colleagues are a few of the best people on the planet to drive you towards being the best you. (Sound lame but it’s true). Apart from that, you will have access to a number of our advisors, world-class investor networks and the company will support you in finding the best operational mentor that we can.

  • 💎 Transparent and inclusive

    • Work in an environment with high trust, transparency, and autonomy

  • ❤️ Community

    Access to Arli investor community through Antler Global, Airtree, and Folklore which includes invitations to networking events, industry dinners, slack groups and more

  • 💰 Compensation

    • Get paid for doing something that you love, that's also changing the world for the better
    • Company stock
    • WFH budget
  • 🚀 Growth opportunities

    • You're joining at a great time and if you can keep up, you will have the opportunity to grow at the same rate as the company. We will do everything humanly in supporting you to get there.
  • 🤓 World-class science & tech

    • Arli has it's own team of researchers and engineers, which means the possibilities to innovate, experiment and build are endless!
    • Play a key role in shaping the products we build at Arli—and the future of addiction support

Our team

We are a global, distributed team across Australia and North America (and growing!).

Our team and all of our creators are made up of people who have lived experience with addiction. People who are living examples of what's possible. People who actually know what it takes.

Our values

Values are actions not just ideas. They inform the way we treat each other and those we support, as well as the products and experiences we build. With a shared understanding of our values, we can go further together.

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    Well doneeeeeeee

  • 🤝 People are the priority. Period.

    Arli is built by and for real people. From the goals we set to the way we hire; the products we build, to the way we speak—people are always the priority. We hire extraordinary humans and look way beyond just their capabilities. Our team don't miss doctor's appointments or our friend's birthdays—because we're people first and Arliens second. We're building products to drive better human connection and inclusion. We support 'people living with addiction' and never 'addicts'. We thrive on this connection to ourselves, our peers, our community and our cause.

  • 💎 Clear is kind

    We are highly transparent and embrace vulnerability—and see the extraordinary power in both of those things. We value inclusivity, direct communication, candid feedback and high respect for one another. Our circle of trust enables us to work better, smarter and faster.

  • 🙌 Lead with pride

    Shame and stigma have no place in addiction—or at Arli. We couldn't be more proud of the people and community we support, and we sing it loud and proud. Our bold mission is matched by our determination. We stick to our word and will always do what’s right over what’s easy. We don’t shy away from tough conversations, but we always consider who may be listening.

  • 👂 Listen carefully

    We never have all of the answers. We never assume. We seek to understand. The conversation around addiction and how we best support people will be constantly evolving—and we’ll always be listening, and pushing ourselves to learn and grow.

The process we run (so we BOTH know what good likes like)

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  • How we think about people who have out-sized impact

    • When hiring at such a critical stage of our shared success, we mostly look at how far someone has come (distance travelled) when interviewing them over where they have landed (their current role). Because, believe it or not, so many people in tech 'fail up'.
    • If you didn't win the genetic lottery, if you come from a community or family where most people are not university educated, you built your career based on merit, hustle and the value you deliver and then land a role in tech, this is impressive and shows that the person can work hard and achieve things when the odds are stacked against them. This is often the grit you need when building a company and these people are often the best people you will hire.
    • Last but not least: Addiction is a problem that touches every part of society — no matter what gender, racial background, sexual orientation, or religious belief. That’s why we are building a team that is just as diverse as the people affected by addiction.
    • If we are incredibly excited by you as a future teammate we will fast track this process. If at any stage we decide that there’s not a fit we will let you know straight away.
  • Hit apply and follow the prompts If your CV is longer than 2 pages long, try again), please also attached a link or copy of your portfolio with your application.

    • We are looking for someone succinct, in this role you will need to turn lots of information into simple and easy-to-digest insight. - this starts with your application.
    • Expect a response within 5 business days
  • Video introduction - 10 minutes.

    • We wouldn't truly be a people-first company without letting your humanness shine through, we use a video tool that will record a few questions we have so we can see you and hear you.
    • Expect a response within 5 business days
  • First interview: You interview the Founder — 40 minutes

    Yup, your opportunity to ask our CEO anything you like, after all this is also about us convincing you to work with us. (not that you will need too much! 😊)

  • Second interview: Founder and another Leader will interview you 30-60 mins

    We will go DEEP on your craft in this one, you will have fun. This will either be with our Head Coach, Head of Product or Head of Marketing but don't worry you will meet them all later in the process. Great leaders want to work with other great leaders.

  • Case study — You present back to the entire team.

    This is your chance to convince the wider team, we are still a 10 person company and we are all about inclusion and involving everyone in the process. This is actually less about the case study and more about your insight, how you communicate, and for us to see how your brain will work. The expectation is you spend no more than an hour or two on this. Likely a unit economics model on some key questions we will have for coaches.

  • Final culture interview — With someone outside of the business, we trust.

    You will get to meet one of our investors. Depending on who you are will depend on who this might be, they are all incredible operators so this will also be a TREAT.

  • Offer.

    This won't be a shock, we will talk to you about what an offer might look like towards the end of the process and give you the chance to tell us what is important to you.

  • 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 APPLY 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨

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