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About us

Quantum Brilliance is the world leader in room-temperature quantum computing using synthetic diamonds. Our unique vision is to make quantum computing available as an everyday technology, from data centres to remote and mobile systems like autonomous robots and satellites. In contrast to quantum computers that fill a room, we are developing quantum accelerators with more compute power than a classical supercomputer but in a form factor smaller than a lunchbox.

Founded in 2019 by leaders in diamond quantum science from the Australian National University, we are a full-stack quantum computing company. An Australia-German company, our HQs are in Canberra and Stuttgart, with additional locations across Australia and southern Germany. We are working with global technology leaders to develop quantum computing applications, integrate quantum with high-performance computing, solve materials science challenges and develop ultra-precise semiconductor manufacturing and quantum control techniques. We are backed by leading venture capital funds and major research and technology institutes.


The Quantum Backend Engineer is a critical member of the company’s Software and Applications team in Australia. The backend engineer focuses on building and/or extending existing simulator backends to perform scalable quantum simulations with noise models. This requires a deep understanding of quantum information theory concepts and sound C++ programming skills. The engineer will also build and maintain the communicator backends connecting to our quantum hardware devices, which involves providing technical support to Software, Application, and Control team leads.

You will be directly responsible to code, extend, maintain, and document scalable simulator and hardware communicator backends. You will closely follow the literature and software releases for open-source simulators based on a variety of classical algorithms while leading the programming, version control and documentation for selected backends. You are closely familiar with Linux Server editions, BASH scripting, and creating Python and web-based UIs. Expert-level knowledge in Tensor Networks, Computer Science, Linear Algebra, Neural Networks, and examples working in quantum software frameworks, such as qiskit and XACC, are a big plus for this role.

Job Summary

  • Industry and topical knowledge: There is an expectation for you to have a deep understanding of the physics/ quantum computing/ engineering industry practices. Particularly, you are closely familiar with and expected to follow Tensor Networks, Neural Networks, and Noisy Quantum Simulations literature.
  • Quantum software and hybrid programming: You are expected to have a deep understanding and regularly employ quantum software tools and assembly languages. Existing experience in Kernel-level quantum-classical programming using frameworks such as XACC and qiskit, and instruction sets such as OpenQASM and xasm, is a plus.
  • Programming: You will be responsible for mainly C++ and some Python programming of core components and extensions of existing simulator and hardware communicator backends, which requires a deep understanding of OO programming practices. You will also need to regularly integrate the backends with frontend layers requiring Python binding and BASH scripting skills.
  • Software engineering: You will be involved in software development using GitHub and DevOps tools (e.g. CI & CD).
  • Documentation: You are required to document backend features, hardware benchmarking tests, and dev processes in fine detail. This includes generating official user guides pages for external developers (ReadTheDocs, HTML and markdown tools) and the company’s work logs for internal use and training.
  • Scalability tests and hardware benchmarking: You understand how to benchmark the performance of processing units (QPUs, GPUs, CPUs, ASICs/FPGAs) and are familiar with tools to scale up the reach calculations. You will regularly employ HPC, coprocessing, and parallelisation tools to scale up classical simulations of QPUS and to find quantum utility thresholds.
  • Cloud integration, software delivery and UI: You regularly work with cloud environments (AWS, GCP, Azure) and tools (OpenStack), pre-configured containers for software delivery (docker, singularity), and Python UI tools (Jupyter, circuit designers). Particularly, you will need to monitor and configure servers to access quantum hardware through communicator backends, which also require creating an intuitive UI for engineers to send optimal control and circuit execution commands to our devices.
  • HPC: You will team up with our HPC expert and develop knowledge in compiling qbOS and third party’s backends and supporting software modules on HPC environments, which often requires using CMake tools. You will regularly run and monitor jobs on batch queuing systems (slurm, PBS) for hardware benchmarking and quantum utility demonstration purposes, and support application developers to scale up calculations using CUDA, MPI, HIP, OpenMP tools.
  • Agile workstyle: You are expected to closely follow agile workstyle principles, which includes weekly sprints, team meetings, and Jira task management.

About you

  • Degree Qualification in Science, Software Engineering, Computer Science, or similar. A postgraduate degree is a plus.
  • In terms of an ideal experience pedigree, you would have 3+ years of backend programming and Quantum Noise simulations experience (following your graduation) either in the capacity of an Quantum Computing engineer, embedded software engineer, research fellow in computational fields, or within similar deep tech companies.
  • Advanced C++, CMake, and compiler configurations skills
  • Expert-level knowledge in Tensor Networks, Neural Networks, Noisy Quantum Simulations
  • Good knowledge in git(CICD) and automated pipeline testing
  • Good understanding of open-source software and its licensing principles
  • Experience in Python and BASH scripting is a plus
  • Exposure to Linux environments (especially Ubuntu Server distros)
  • Eger to develop knowledge in HPC and cloud tool usage
  • Excited about emerging technology
  • An advocate of agile workstyle and practices
  • You are currently living in Australia or willing to relocate to Australia (we support visa/relocation processes)

Why Quantum Brilliance?

At Quantum Brilliance, you’ll join a team of experts working to create massive, transformative impact globally. You’ll join a team of problem-solvers, who are curious and driven to understand and master new things. We pride ourselves on a collaborative environment, where we learn from the unique expertise that each person brings, and support the growth of each team member.

Quantum Brilliance’s vision to enable mass deployment of quantum accelerators will propel industries to harness edge computing applications and next-generation supercomputers. Quantum Brilliance’s international partnerships extend into North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, working with governments, supercomputing centres, research organisations and industry leaders.

If the above seems well aligned and you are perhaps looking for an opportunity to progress your career into a dynamic and fast-moving startup/scaleup venture, we are keen to hear from you!

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment; hence we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

We are aware that some individuals tend to only apply for jobs when they meet 100% of the criteria. If you think you have what it takes, but don't necessarily meet every single point on the job description, please still get in touch. We'd love to have a chat and see if you could be a great fit!

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