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Product & Engineering, Victoria,NSW or Queensland Australia engineering product analytics
Posted 17 days ago

The Senior Product Operations Analyst role


As a Senior Product Operations Analyst you’ll drive excellence in how we use data to find opportunities and risks across the product organisation. The product operations team acts as the “connective tissue” linking all aspects of the product development process together, and we are looking for this role to contribute to a data driven culture as part of that development process.

Your mission is to improve data visibility & usefulness, and use your deep understanding of it to become a trusted advisor to the Product Leadership team in day-to-day operations, and strategic activities such as quarterly planning.By becoming an expert on what fuels our product, you will influence and inform the team’s product strategy & roadmap to better meet customer needs and drive product led growth for the business. If this sounds like you - please read on and apply below!

Hello, we're A Cloud Guru

Our friends call us ACG.

A Cloud Guru is the largest online cloud skills development platform on the planet. We make engaging online training packed with personality and slick presentation for an experience more like firing up Netflix, less like a stuffy classroom. We are 100% grounded in what's right for the customer and the 
customer experience. That gives us the confidence to be bolder, more playful, and more genuine than other companies. It's all about leaving everything we touch just a little bit more awesome.

There aren't many company cultures like A Cloud Guru's in the world. This year, we were awarded Best Company Culture and Best Companies for Diversity.

What makes the Product team awesome...

We hold a high bar for product excellence. We’re always looking for creative ways to go above and beyond ‘good enough.’ From surprise pop ups to funny lines during loading, our product managers and designers know that putting that extra bit of effort makes learning awesome. Located in Australia and the US, our team creates best-in-class products for users all over the globe.

If you're down to earth and enjoy a laugh while also working hard you'll love it here. - Joanna, Avocado to Guac Ratio Guru (and Product Manager)

As a Senior Product Ops Analyst at ACG, you’ll get to:

  • Guide best practices across the product organisation to use data & metrics to inform success, contributing to a data driven culture
  • Have a deep understanding of product data, driving awareness of trends within our key health metrics
  • Be a trusted advisor when questions are asked, helping product managers understand what data they need
  • Work across the P&E organisation to enable teams to set excellent Objectives, Key Results 
  • Partner with Product Managers to understand measurements and metrics for product launches, & setting appropriate targets.
  • Provide strategic, data driven insights  through processes such as QBR’s,  and Quarterly Planning
  • Reconcile product metrics data with customer feedback, whether it comes from Customer Success & Sales or submitted by users of the product team, in partnership with user research
  • Build data fluency & confidence in data & metrics across the product & engineering department

What you bring to the table

We focus on hiring values-aligned people, because we believe the right person can learn all the things to be successful in their role. Self-belief plays a big part in what you apply for. We encourage all job applicants to apply even if they are nervous to do so. Uni degrees aren't required for any roles, and career gaps or switches are totally welcome.

  • Previous experience in product management & product best practices and ways of working
  • An understanding of data & metrics. Deep analyst technical skills are not required, but core skills such as simple SQL queries preferred.
  • Previous experience with systems such as BI tools (Looker, Amplitude) and other product analytics platforms (FullStory)
  • Collaborative & Communicative

We want the people who care about doing a good job. The ones who have the humility and hunger to learn. - Sam Kroonenburg, Co-Founder and CEO

More than a job

Where you work isn’t just a career decision — it’s a life decision. Everyone has family, friends and interests outside of their careers, so we offer perks and benefits to make work, work better for you.

  • 5 weeks annual leave + sick time + holidays. Because even when your office is your living room, we all need time to unplug.
  • Remotely awesome. Get $700 to level up your home office, monthly snack boxes, free Headspace access, weekly lunch funds, and $50 monthly for internet.
  • Remote first environment. Feel connected to your coworkers with events inspired by our values, weekly virtual happy hours, and lunchtime trivia.
  • $1,000 USD continuing education budget. All Gurus get $250 USD a quarter to spend on personal development.
  • 2 hours each week reserved for learning. Every Friday for 2 hours, we put down our normal work and spend time learning something new.
  • Get certified on us. A Cloud Guru will cover the cost of sitting all industry cloud certifications.

What’s the interview process like at ACG?

Applying for a job can feel intimidating and like a full-time job of its own. You shouldn’t have to burn through a week of sick time or all your best out-of-office excuses just to put feelers out for a new career opportunity. It’s our goal to provide you a fair, efficient interviewing experience that respects you and your time — and to do it all with a touch of delight.

Once you submit an application, we’ll review it. If you’re a good fit, you’ll have an initial chat with a recruiter over the phone. A phone interview with a manager typically follows. Depending on your role, you might then be asked to do a little homework (but nothing too time consuming). Then we’ll schedule a Zoom call to meet other members of the team, answer any questions you have, and give you a feel for what it’s really like to work at ACG. If you're on the fence, just give it a try.

Keep being awesome, cloud gurus!