Engineering Manager at Forage

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Posted 28 days ago

We are looking for an Engineering Manager to join our group of 12 engineers, to lead one of our development teams. Join us to have an impact on the millions of people starting their careers, by helping to level the recruitment playing field. This position suits technical leads or existing engineering managers who are interested in people management and want to grow their leadership skills.

Core responsibilities

  • Lead a team of 4-6 engineers to scope, estimate, build, and deploy product features.
  • Support the professional development and growth of your team members.
  • Contribute to building a healthy culture of inclusion, collaboration and psychological safety across the Engineering group.
  • Collaborate with other engineering leaders to build our engineering roadmap and establish good engineering practices.
  • Manage dependencies and requests from outside your team
  • Share your team's updates and achievements across the company.
  • Manage your own working hours to optimise for US West Coast cross over, and build strong connections with team members based there.
  • Own your decisions and take accountability for your team.

What would a normal week look like?

  • Define and communicate a clear direction for the team.
  • Collaborate with the Product Manager to build a prioritised backlog for day to day work.
  • Set up and run team meetings including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, engineering meet up, and show and tell.
  • Hold regular check-ins with your reports to ensure they are well supported.
  • Contribute to the codebase on non-critical tasks, and review pull requests for the team.
  • Remove blockers for the team and coach them through challenges.
  • Participate in roadmap planning with other engineering leaders.

About you

You have a solid understanding of technology and are proficient working in JavaScript and Node. You care about code quality and practice automated testing. You are happy for coding to take a back seat in your day job, although you still enjoy spending some of your time on the tools.

You have some leadership experience. You may be a technical lead looking to take the step across into a people management role for the first time, or perhaps you've led development teams before and want to keep growing your leadership skills.

You care deeply about people, and are interested in building teams with a high level of trust and collaboration. You understand that how teams work together has the greatest impact on their overall success, and enjoy helping them work better together. You have an awareness of how to create inclusive team environments, and to make people feel recognised and valued. You guide and coach others, and help bring them along on a journey.

You are decisive, organised, like to strategically plan ahead, and can manage tradeoffs. You communicate clearly, can lead discussions, encourage everyone to share their voices and opinions, and guide the team to make sound technical decisions.

You are comfortable working in a constantly changing environment and like continuous learning on the job.

Working hours

This role will be working with a team split across Australia and the US West Coast, and will involve starting your working day early to maximise cross over time and hold 1-1s with team members based in the US.

You will be able to choose to either finish early, or take longer breaks during the day, to balance out early starts. We will support you to manage a schedule that works for you.

When international travel is more open, you will also have the opportunity to travel to the US to meet your US team in person.

This role can either be full time, or 4 days a week (Tuesday - Friday). We are remote-first and can support working from any location in Australia.

Pay and benefits

Company benefits include:

  • Equity compensation plan.
  • Home office setup stipend.
  • Access to office space in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Flexible parental leave policy.
  • 20 days of paid vacation leave.
  • Access to employee assistance program and professional development fund for all full-time and part-time employees.