Senior Copywriter at Who Gives A Crap

Creative, Australia or USA
Posted a month ago

A bit about the role:

Whether it’s the cheeky one-liner on our product packaging, writing emails that end up getting shared by customers on social media or seeing a billboard campaign out in the wild, our brand copy is often the first point of contact and sets the tone for everything we do.

That’s why we’re pumped to share that we are looking for a Senior Copywriter to join our fast-growing Creative team, based either in our Australia or USA hub. This role is for someone who is passionate about hard-working messaging and creating a clear, delightful and engaging experience for our customers. Your copy could be the thing that hooks someone on our TP for good!

Reporting to our Brand Voice Team Lead, you’ll help our tone of voice come to life across internal and external-facing communications, come up with bold brand campaign ideas and write copy that makes our customers laugh, engages them with our impact and inspires them to do good. You’ll also take ownership of our copy guidelines to ensure we are bringing our tone of voice principles to life in a consistent way across all channels, and will be a key collaborator not only for your Creative teammates, but also across our business from Customer Experience to Growth Marketing to People and Culture, injecting more delight, heart and personalisation into all of our writing.

You’re probably curious about what you’d be doing in this role, so we’ve looked into our crystal ball at an upcoming month to get a sneak peek: 

  • Teaming up with our Growth Marketing, Insights and Digital Product teams to make sure the customer experience for our upcoming Limited Edition makes sense from a communication perspective (and is utterly delightful, charming and smile-worthy all the while)
  • Working with our video content team to help concept, storyboard and script on brand and best practice campaigns for FB and YouTube ads
  • Partnering with our People and Culture team to write epic job posts like this (or better!)
  • Iterating on old transactional emails to turn them into something new and unexpected (real talk: we’re not afraid of a fart button in an email)
  • Working closely with our designers to make your copy and their design work harmoniously as a customer experience
  • Getting your craft on and made some toilet paper people for a tips video on social
  • Working with the Growth Marketing and Digital Product teams to create a/b test copy that help us understand our customers even more, what they’re looking for at each stage of purchase, and flexing your creative chops to help us get there
  • Brainstorming shoot-for-the-stars ideas with the Creative team for how to deliver our upcoming donation announcement
  • Writing multiple radio scripts to test this as a new advertising medium and sought feedback from the Growth Marketing and Creative teams on your work
  • Asking a bunch of questions about our team and process, then suggesting ten ways we could improve the way we work to maximise efficiency and collaboration across time zones and lots of moving pieces
  • Looking over a press release from our PR partner to ensure all facts are delightfully straight 
  • Jumping in with our Social Media Manager to help dream up engaging captions for (and execute on!) some upcoming social posts

Let’s talk about you

You’re a seasoned writer: you know how to write hard-working copy that converts, delights and engages. You’ve had loads of experience writing everything from web copy, to emails, to blog posts and IG captions. You know the rules for best practice writing across all mediums...and you know when to break them. You follow the trends and have a knack for knowing which ones will stick for years to come.

Our tone of voice is your tone of voice: a good writer will adopt the style of the brand at hand. Still, this job will be a whole lot more fun if you find yourself naturally writing with a witty, quirky and friendly voice. We’re looking for someone who has written for a variety of voices, but feels like their natural tone of voice is most similar to ours.

You’re an idea machine: yes, you’re a writer, but you’re not just focused on the words. You’re always thinking about the big picture. You can think of large scale, campaignable ideas, as well as the easy wins. We’re looking for the ideas that make us famous and increase our impact. You should be good (no, great) at presenting these ideas and thinking about how they can come to life beyond the words. 

Details schmetails: well, not really. We’re on the hunt for someone detail-oriented and organised. We need you to know the difference between its and it’s / their and there. You even know the difference between less and fewer. Laid and layed? Easy. You correct your friends’ grammar because you just can’t help yourself. You mentally edit every billboard you see. You know how to manage your time without being chased and you’re a stickler about meeting deadlines. 

You wear other people’s shoes: you’re really good at seeing other people’s perspectives. You can imagine yourself as our customer and decide which copy would be more effective in each stage of their journey. You know the right questions to ask to make sure your copy is crystal clear.

Friendly humanoid: we always come together as a team to brainstorm and collaborate first before breaking away to flesh out the finer details. Then, we come back together to get feedback from the team as well as invite other key people in the business to get their thoughts. You’re totally up for taking people along for a journey, in fact, you love it. People! They’re the best.

Born leader: you’ve been a manager or mentored other aspiring writers, and know all the ins and outs of giving feedback, delegating and helping your mentee grow in their own career.

You give a crap: we’re all here because we genuinely want to make the world a better place with our work, and we want you to want that too! Awwww.