Technical Lead at Whispir

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Posted 24 days ago

A bit about Whispir

Whispir is a cloud software and communications platform that seeks to help organisations communicate like people. Our platform enables our customers to build powerful communications workflows and automate interactions between systems, business, devices and people - with no coding required.

The outcomes are powerful – people everywhere can have access to the right information at the right time so that they can make informed decisions, take action, engage and communicate with each other.

Organisations can finally start to behave how they have always wanted to – they can engage with people the way people do... in a timely, personal and contextually sensitive way with actionable, useful insights that promote richer and deeper engagement.

We know this because leading organisations use Whispir’s technology locally and globally every day for this reason. Whispir becomes their competitive advantage as they streamline their operations, improve their resilience and bring innovative new services to market quickly. We also see first-hand the capacity of these innovative solutions to assist saving lives and materially improve community outcomes.

About You

We are looking for leaders who will follow our passion for building solutions that make a positive difference.  

  • Are you a pragmatic and data-driven technical leader?  
  • Do you love technology, think product & appreciate great design?  
  • Do you embrace big problems and think outside the box?  
  • Do you want to leverage your existing knowledge, but also learn and explore new skills and technologies?

Within these responsibilities, the three promises for a Technical Lead are:

  • Run the engineering effort in a cross-functional team to build and evolve excellent quality products
  • All tasks for the team are well-defined and correspond with a well-designed solution architecture.
  • Embody and drive a positive, happy culture that gets the best out of the team

Some examples of what you’ll be working with on a day to day basis are:

  • Working with an established Java application and updating it to be cloud-native
  • Driving good software design and systems architecture
  • Explaining and documenting complex technical concepts with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Employing CI/CD to build confidence in our deployments
  • Effective use of AWS and automating our infrastructure with Terraform
  • Mentoring other team members, but always being open to learning from others
  • Be an advocate for best practices and adoption of new technologies
  • Provide after-hours support as part of our application teams weekly support roster when required

As a Technical Lead, you will be responsible for driving the forward momentum of your team, designing systems architecture, planning the roadmap and working with other teams to define service boundaries.  You will also help hire, grow and coach your team members to give them career progression and a great working life at Whispir.

The Tech

Our core product is based on Java EE stack with an increasing integration with managed AWS services.  We're focused on scaling the performance and reliability of this platform to better service our customers.  

You will know at least one of these ecosystems and one or two others to a deep level. You should be familiar with various AWS cloud services such as EC2, EKS, RDS, AmazonMQ, EFS.  Experience with automation tools (such as terraform, cloudformation) and CI/CD processes is a must.  

Our Values

Product Engineering at Whispir is committed to building the best customer experiences.  We define, together, clear goals and boundaries for your team, so that you can become more effective and efficient.  We support you to make decisions quickly and keep moving forwards.  We understand we don’t get everything right, but we measure, error-correct, and evolve through incremental improvements.  We want to enable autonomy and trust in (and between) our teams - you are the expert!  We measure our impact, so we can understand how much value we're adding.

We value collaboration over competition and compassion over judgement.  We believe that good culture requires good leadership and for this position we are looking for leaders who live our values. We should enjoy coming to work every day and extend that opportunity to our coworkers.  

The Whispir platform touches the lives of millions of people every day. We cover a wide range of use cases from large-scale crises communication to helping out small businesses with managing their customers and suppliers.