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Advanced Navigation is one of the world’s most ambitious innovators in AI robotics and navigation technology across land, air, sea and space. While our main headquarters are in Sydney, we have multiple research facilities in Australia and sales offices around the world. Since 2011, the company has experienced great success and has progressed into several deep, new technologies. Our fields of expertise include underwater sonar, GNSS, radio frequency systems, inertial sensors, robotics, quantum sensors and photonics.
Today, Advanced Navigation is a supplier to some of the world's largest companies, including Airbus, Boeing, Google, Tesla, Apple, and General Motors. We aspire to be the catalyst of the autonomy revolution and our technology can be seen in exciting applications across the globe. 
Hydrus, our revolutionary underwater robot will help restore oceans to a flourishing state. You will find our navigation systems in the autonomous Indy race cars and thousands of Plus AI autonomous trucks. We help farmers adopt autonomous farming equipment and assist in various fields of research. Switching to software, our cloud-based drone management platform helps patrol beaches for emergency rescues and shark tracking. Off-planet, we will deliver a navigation system for the next NASA moon landing. The applications of our technologies are quite limitless - where there is autonomy, you will find Advanced Navigation.

Our hardware engineering team is focused on simulating, designing and developing electronic circuits for advanced navigation technologies utilising analogue signal processing and digital circuits. This role contributes throughout the entire design phase from prototype to development, and through manufacturing, for complex products.

Role Responsibilities

  • Design analogue signal chain processing circuits (filters, amplifiers, etc.), digital signal circuits including high-speed interfaces
  • Develop mixed signal processing chains (ie A-D and D-A)
  • Create PCB schematic designs and layouts using Altium Designer
  • Simulate and optimise circuits in LTSpice
  • Collaborate closely with our software team to ensure hardware designs meet software requirements
  • Identify a clear scope of work, and communicate progress through consistent updates to leadership and fellow team members while working to find and mitigate risks
  • Design and modify basic 3D CAD models for fit, function and manufacturability
  • Preparation of documents required for design data packs, such as: specifications, compliance matrices, design calculations, analysis reports, drawings, test plans, test reports and BOMs
  • Instigating and leading design reviews, test readiness reviews and production readiness reviews
  • Documenting all engineering testing and investigation work to a high standard and utilising the peer review process to ensure cross checking is performed and documented
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly using sound engineering methodologies.
  • Working with the manufacturing and support teams to deliver and maintain hardware equipment and systems
  • Developing assembly, repair and test techniques, sourcing of alternates to obsolete parts and materials, and testing as per appropriate engineering specifications
  • Growing & developing with the Company as Advanced Navigation continues to evolve; 
  • Taking on additional duties & tasks, as directed, as the position evolves.  
  • Develop a solid operational understanding of all aspects within the Company:
  • Immersing yourself into the team & wider organisation to develop an understanding of how each role & team all
  • Set quantifiable targets that demonstrate your commitment to our values. 
  • Live & breathe a safety culture;
  • Be an advocate for safety within the workplace;
  • Remain compliant with all HSE requirements & obligations. 
  • Qualifications and Experience

  • BEng or BSc in Electrical Engineering (equivalent qualification)
  • 7+ years of experience in designing and developing complex electronics with specific experience in precision analogue data acquisition, processing, and high speed digital circuits
  • Proficient in using industry standard tools such as SPICE, Altium Designer, Matlab
  • Bachelor degree or higher in electrical/electronic engineering and/or mechatronics
  • Basic ability to work with 3D model assemblies in Solidworks or a similar package
  • A track record of turning high level discussions into detailed, personal work plans and reporting progress to management
  • Extensive exposure to systems engineering principles and practices
  • A proactive self-starting approach with a track record of initiative, personal responsibility, ownership of work and reputation for making things happen
  • Be highly motivated with an energetic, responsive and decisive disposition;
  • Strong knowledge of WHS practices;
  • Proven high standard of attention to detail, time management and “follow-through”.
  • What are some of the benefits you will have access to?

    You'll have access to industry-leading products with diverse applications within some of the most interesting and exciting projects worldwide. We’re growing a team of inspired, smart, and driven individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. With great opportunities for growth and variety, we strive to help each employee carve out the path that’s right for them.