Quantum Project Engineer at Quantum Brilliance

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Posted 19 days ago

About us

Quantum Brilliance is the world leader in room temperature quantum computing that creates diamond quantum microprocessors using the most advanced diamond fabrication techniques. Our unique vision is to make quantum computing available as an everyday technology, from data centres to remote and mobile systems like autonomous robots and satellites. In contrast to quantum computers that fill a room, we are developing quantum accelerators with more compute power than a classical supercomputer but a form-factor smaller than a lunchbox.

Founded in 2019 by leaders in diamond quantum science from the Australian National University, an Australia-German company, our HQs are in Canberra and Stuttgart, with additional locations across Australia and southern Germany. We are a venture-capital backed company with Tier-1 investors including Main Sequence, Moelis Asset Management, quantum computing and machine learning serial entrepreneurs.


As a Quantum Engineer, you will play a key role in our fundamental R&D programs by helping to develop and expand our diamond supply chain and develop advanced processes and techniques for the fabrication and characterization of our diamond quantum microprocessors. The role offers the unique experience of undertaking world-class research in an industry environment with a strong commercial purpose.

Job Summary

In this role you will play an integral part in developing Quantum Brilliance’s process engineering and fabrication capabilities. Working as part of a cross-functional team, the role includes process, optical, and device engineering responsibilities. We are interested to hear from people with a broad range of backgrounds and career stages, whether you have recently finished your Master’s, or PhD, or are working in a technical industry role. We will tailor the role (and remuneration) to your career stage and expertise, matched to the goals we need to hit. Your responsibilities may include:

  • Diamond supplier development and management, diamond supply-chain logistics
  • Research, analysis, summarization, and development of best practices for diamond substrate processes
  • Execution and management of best practices for:
    • Substrate cleaning and surface preparation
      • Wet-chemical diamond substrate cleaning (solvent, acid, base)
      • Plasma diamond substrate cleaning
    • Surface analysis techniques
      • SEM, AFM, SIMS, EDX, XPS, and Sheet resistance
    • Ion implantation
      • Simulation and process development
    • Substrate characterization - optical (confocal microscopy, photoluminescence spectroscopy) and electromagnetic (magnetic resonance)
  • Collaborating with internal and external partners to develop fabrication and manufacturing techniques for diamond quantum computing devices
  • Guiding the selection and procurement of process and metrology equipment
  • Assisting in the learning and development of the other team members
  • Assisting with other Quantum Brilliance projects as required

About you

  • Master’s or PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related STEM discipline
  • Experience as a project engineer, or project manager
  • Strong technical background and experience in fabrication of optical and/or electronic devices, cleanroom workflow development and processing
  • Comfortable working hands-on in a laboratory environment. Sound understanding of Work, Health, and Safety and capability of supporting safe workplace practices
  • Experienced with wet chemical processes e.g., solvents, etchants (Piranha clean, RCA, acid boil, HF), UV ozone, and plasma cleaning procedures
  • Good understanding and experience in materials, processing, and device characterisation techniques
  • Experience with experimental design, data acquisition and analysis (Python, MATLAB, C++, JMP)
  • Ability to plan and manage project work to meet agreed objectives
  • Ability to independently define and solve problems, request clarification, and seek help when needed
  • Ability to set priorities to accomplish multiple tasks within needed timeframes and adapt to rapidly developing information and needs
  • Work collaboratively in a team, with the ability to effectively communicate ideas and plans
  • Experience in diamond materials is a plus
  • Knowledge in quantum technologies is a plus
  • Excited about emerging technology and working in a start-up company

About an R&D role with Quantum Brilliance:

At Quantum Brilliance, you’ll join a team of experts working to create massive, transformative impact. You’ll join a team of problem-solvers, who are curious and driven to understand and master new things. We pride ourselves on a collaborative environment, where we learn from the unique expertise that each person brings and support the growth of each team member.

  • Working with bright and engaging colleagues, aligned to a common goal. In many academic settings, there are 1-2 people at most working on a particular project. At Quantum Brilliance, there are more people on your project and closely related topics, creating a vibrant environment with lots to learn and share. It also provides an environment to develop your skills in project management and coordination.
  • Collaborating with colleagues around the world. We currently have labs in 6 locations across Australia and Germany and collaborate with leading research institutions and quantum technology companies.
  • Continuous learning. You are expected to keep pace with the state of the art in the field, reading papers and (virtually) attending conferences. If you are switching fields, you will need to rapidly get up to speed with the literature history, something we will help with but that you are expected to drive. There are further exciting learnings in project management, team leadership, and business operations.
  • Research leadership. As you complete projects and build your understanding of the company and its R&D programs, you will be increasingly expected to provide input to help shape roadmaps and targets for subsequent R&D projects. This can include pitching projects to follow-up on discoveries made during previous projects.
  • Creating IP and patenting your inventions.
  • Publishing. We will publish from time to time as a company, including technical white papers and scientific papers targeting top-tier (Nature, Science) journals, with authorship following the usual scientific conventions. In contrast to an academic environment, the publishing is driven by strategic considerations rather than as our primary 'product'.
  • Conferences and outreach. We provide opportunities for presenting at and/or participating in conferences, workshops and careers events.
  • Lecturing and teaching. You will not be convening undergraduate courses, but you will still have plenty of opportunities to share your knowledge within the team. This can include providing technical leadership and mentoring to other team members, doing projects with brilliant interns, and regular internal technical group meetings.
  • Research environment. Our labs are co-located with universities or public research institutions, at sites across Australia and Germany.
  • Applying for grants. Depending on your role with QB and the funding/partnership opportunities, this might still be a thing. But there tends to be a much higher success rate, shorter timelines to funding outcomes, and it's no longer a live-or-die thing for your career.

If the above seems well aligned and you are looking for a fast-paced, dynamic role in a start-up, we are keen to hear from you!