Embbeded Developer at Relectrify

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, Engineering, Full-time, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia engineering full-time
Posted 6 months ago

Note: This role strictly requires Australian working rights.

About Relectrify

Relectrify is a high-growth venture that builds cutting-edge technology to reduce the cost and unlock extra lifetime in lithium-ion batteries. By combining innovative electronics with intelligent algorithms and data analytics, our technology creates more affordable and longer-lasting energy storage systems for households, the power grid and beyond.

Relectrify was founded in 2015 out of research at the University of Melbourne. The company has since launched projects with Nissan and American Electric Power amongst others, and received support by leading clean energy investors including the CEFC Innovation Fund. The Environment Bureau Hong Kong, Falling Walls Germany and international utility program Free Electrons have all recognised Relectrify as a leading innovator in energy storage.

About the Team

Relectrify consists of a world-class team, who thrive on working together and solving seriously hard problems with a view to make a positive impact. Team members are given high autonomy with the ability to access support as necessary. As a venture-funded company, our focus is to rapidly enter markets where we can make a real difference.

In short, we are a group of motivated individuals rapidly deploying cutting-edge technology to make a positive impact. We also like discussing future trends, enjoying good coffee, board game evenings, and a healthy stream of positive humour.

About the Technology

Relectrify’s advanced battery management system (BMS) and inverter comprises of three parts: hardware electronics controlling power flows inside battery packs; embedded software algorithms that inform how the hardware electronics operate; and data analytics to allows customers to monitor their batteries and allow continuous improvement of Relectrify’s algorithms. Together Relectrify uses these to notably increase battery performance and lifetime.

Capable, affordable battery storage unlocks value for customers from farms to solar houses, power grids, and beyond. Relectrify therefore actively forms strategic collaborations with innovative, sector-leading storage companies across the world to jointly develop and release uniquely positioned storage products.

The Role

We are looking to bring into the Relectrify software team a highly capable and self-motivated individual. This is an embedded software role working with C and C++ on a range of micros across different hardware modules. You will need to become an expert on our solutions, working on our system architecture, communication protocols, control algorithms and more. These are safety critical systems, so part of the role is to build onto our code testability and continuous integration to incorporate fast feedback on changes. You will be developing code, debugging hardware and working to mature the build process, testing and manufacturing of our products.

The role is ideally suited for someone with electronics experience to be able to work with the hardware team on electronics and power electronics design. There is also scope to work up the stack into areas of data logging, web development and data analytics.

Some of the specifc tasks of the role inclue

  • Designing and development of software, including control algorithms, using embedded C and C++
  • Bring up new boards and debugging hardware
  • Development of unit tests, test environments and test scripts
  • Optimising and improving system architectures
  • Documentation of designs and system architecture


About You

  • 2+ years experience as an embedded software developer
  • Hacker in action, perfectionist at heart (you care for your craft and get “stuff” done)
  • You love rising to the challenge of learning new skills and solving new problems
  • Design and develop with testability in mind, you know the value of automated testing
  • Australian full-time working rights

Nice-to-Haves - but willing to waive for promising candidates

  • Electronics design with extra kudos for experience in Power Electronics
  • Fluent with communication protocols and buses
  • Experience with building and maintaining safety critical systems
  • Experience with the Atlassian suite, Github and Altium software


Work environment

  • High independence, with a clear focus on delivery and quality.
  • Remuneration includes an opportunity to earn company share options, offering you an ownership stake in Relectrify.
  • Modern office in Abbotsford with bottomless coffee, office Spotify, and an increasing population of office plants
  • Flexibility in working hours to enable fitting in with other aspects of life, whether family, (kite) surfing, or anything other.
  • Flexibility in leave to enable team members to define their own renumeration-leave optimum.


  • Pay-you-back scheme on relevant online courses and other training.
  • We encourage you attending key conferences and events, and cover associated expenses.

Other Benefits

  • We've got plenty of space and a passion for personal projects, be it electronics, food computer building, or home brewing.
  • Continuously rotating tea/coffee collection as well as cold drink collection for Friday end-of-week team wind-downs.