Support Engineer / Software Engineer at Black AI

Melbourne melbourne support engineering full-time
Posted 18 days ago

The Role:

You like data, graphs that tell an interesting story, all things automation, and building tools that are used daily.

You also script relentlessly and have a knack for whipping up websites quickly.

We are looking for someone to join our core team as a support engineer; in this you will be working closely with both our core and research teams to design and deliver custom internal tooling, and playing a critical role in various projects - helping with development, data acquisition, optimisation, and visualisation.

You're a jack-of-all-trades that is confident in picking up a new language or framework and having something functional together the next day.

General responsibilities include:

Developing internal tools to monitor the stability and performance of various system components, at all levels of our stack

Diving into code to fix bugs or build features that we need to ensure successful project delivery

Managing data flow and ensuring redundancy for various systems across multiple regions

Lots of data visualisation work

This is a full time position in our Melbourne office located in Fitzroy, with occasional travel to our deployment locations in Australia and International locations.


Bachelors degree in Mathematics, Engineering, or Computer Science, with exceptional academic results

2+ years of practical experience as a Developer, Software Engineer, DB Administrator, or System Administrator

Experience in both front-end and back-end web development, working with web frameworks such as VueJS or React

Strong understanding of SQL and graph databases

Strong background working with Ubuntu or other Unix variant systems

Exceptional communication skills

Demonstrated ability to perform in dynamic environments where you're required to continuously learn and develop new skills


Send your CV to contact<at>black<dot>ai, highlighting relevant work experience and academic performance.