DevOps Engineer at Zeller

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Posted a month ago

At Zeller, we believe that businesses of all sizes deserve better financial and payment products and services. 

Founded in Melbourne in 2020 and backed by leading VCs, Zeller is a collective of experienced payment and tech industry professionals who are aiming to redefine business banking and the way Australian businesses get paid by their customers. With an exciting roadmap of innovative new products under development we are building a high performing team to take on the incumbents. 

If you are passionate about innovation, thrive in fast-moving environments, love a challenge, hate bureaucracy and can’t think of anything more exciting than disrupting the banks, we’re putting together a team you might want to join.

As a DevOps Engineer you will be energetic and cool headed with experiences in maintaining AWS environments. You will be responsible for process automation, designing, developing and maintaining CICD pipelines, elastic, auto-scaling, compliant, secured and highly-available infrastructure.

With automation being at the heart of our engineering principles, this position will have the enviable opportunity to adopt and promote best practices, bleeding edge technologies and trends. Not limited to a single product area or type, this role will work in a cross functional team with skill sets in full stack software engineering, infrastructure, quality assurance to architecture.

You will collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to support product development, operations support, compliance activities and SLA upkeep requirements. You’ll be tasked with architecting and implementing compliant, efficient/performant, secure and auditable CICD and application infrastructures. Automation is key, you will be excited by your contributions to promoting Infrastructure-as-Code, selection of tools, standards and best practices.

Your Background and Experience

  • Strong background in CICD design and tool, e.g. AWS CodePipeline, Bitbucket pipeline, Jenkins;
  • Strong background in monitoring and tools e.g. Splunk, Datadog, AppDynamics;
  • Knowledgeable in network design (subnet, route tables, DMZ, NAT, IP whitelisting … etc);
  • Familiar with Microservice and Serverless architectures;
  • Good knowledge in databases and clustering - SQL, NOSQL;
  • Understanding of data lake and data warehousing;
  • Instinctive desire to automate, script and codify infrastructure and processes;
  • Knowledgeable in containerisation e.g. Docker;
  • Proven track record in maintaining mission-critical high-load production systems with SLA 99.999%;
  • Proven track record in supporting rapid and agile product deployments to different environments - dev, test, stress-testing, staging/production;
  • Good understanding of Cloud Security models.
  • Experience in AWS Cloud environment:
  • CloudFormation
  • VPC, Subnets, EIP, EC2, VPC Peering, PrivateLink, Direct Connect
  • Security Group, ACL, VPN
  • Loading Balancing, Route53, CloudFront, ECS, ECR, Auto-Scaling
  • S3, RDS, DynamoDB, DocumentDB
  • CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy
  • System Manager, Parameter Store
  • Certificate Manager, Secrets Manager, KMS
  • CloudWatch logs, events, triggers
  • CloudTrail, X-Ray
  • Billing and Cost Management
  • Organisation, Single Sign-On
  • Lambda, API Gateway
  • AWS config & Guardduty
  • Your Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum of a Bachelor degree in software engineering(or related);
  • 4+ years of working experience in a technical hands on DevOps role;
  • Demonstrable experience in supporting mission-critical systems.

  • Zeller offers a balanced, progressive and supportive work environment - with a competitive salary package, including equity from an early stage.

    With competitive parental leave and other benefits on offer, now's the time to join our rapidly growing team with opportunities to develop your career - wherever your passions and skills take you.