Full Stack Development Engineer (Back-End bias) at Trade Ledger

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Posted 1 months ago

The Role

What you build, directly influences the interactions with the end users and their ability to manage the lending lifecycle easily, both as a lender and a borrower. You will be responsible for designing and owning a highly available, fault tolerant end-to-end solution which stands the test of time.

We work with a variety of technologies using the right solution for the problem at hand and we take ownership of the end-to-end delivery and management of our Saas platform.  

We’re growing fast and there is tremendous opportunity for learning, building strong relationships and career progression. 

As a Software Development Engineer you will be using end-to-end application development and integration technologies, contributing to the design and implementation of significant technical projects, writing high quality, critical path code. 

You will work with the Product Managers to help flesh out functional and non-functional product specifications and work in the squad to meet the DoD. 

You are capable of developing JVM based backend applications.

What you would need

  • Proficiency in Java 8 and above or Kotlin
  • Strong Experience of working with AWS, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Strong technical documentation skills, drawing out clear solution diagrams to complex problems
  • Strong understanding of reactive programming and asynchronous systems like Kafka/NATS/SNS/SQS
  • Strong NoSQL skills and knowledge of fine tuning data model design
  • Ability to effectively review code and provide constructive feedback. Likewise, the maturity to act on feedback provided in reviews
  • Capability of designing and implementing REST APIs
  • Understanding of Microservices architecture
  • Experience in fault mode analysis and embedding contingency in the product
  • Maturity of breaking down a complex problem into smaller, digestible tasks
  • Ability to lead a feature delivery all the way from conception to production and maintenance
  • Solid experience working with Gradle, Git, reactive Java, Event driven Web servers (like Netty), Multithreading, Caching technologies

What would be nice to have:

  • Knowledge of CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins 
  • Some proficiency in React/Node and RxJs
  • Experience of delivering in an agile way with small feedback loops
  • Ability to effectively communicate challenges and solutions
  • Understanding of relative priorities of business requirements