Senior Back End Engineer / Developer (Django / Python) at Stockspot

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Posted 9 days ago

This role is right for someone who is tired of dealing with spaghetti code, outdated technology and legacy systems. You are invited to join a young team of financial experts and technical whizzes. You are going to build and own a product that helps Australians to invest and manage billions of dollars.

Stockspot was founded in 2013 to help Australians invest better. In 2020 we're one of Australia's fastest growing financial technology (fintech) businesses and looking to grow our team by hiring a Senior Back End Engineer.

Who’s qualified?

We don’t argue which tech is the best. Instead we use whatever fits the job. We are looking for technical enthusiasts who have experience with these tech stacks: 

  • Python + Django - minimum 3 years of hands-on experience
  • Django Rest Framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS architecture
  • Celery

The role is a perfect fit for someone who:

  • is familiar with Agile/Scrum
  • has experience within a high-growth business, fintech or investment company
  • is keen to drive decisions and own the product
  • has hands-on experience of architecting, developing and deploying a website or a mobile app from end to end

Why should you join?

  1. Are you frustrated being limited by 65536? No more. You are going to deal with 1000000000’s here.
  2. Feel social? We are located in a co-working space where you can meet hundreds of inspiring founders, engineers and team members from different start-ups. When things go back to normal, we will have table tennis tournaments, free Friday breakfasts, lunch & learn, yoga classes and a working bar.
  3. Worried about personal growth? Like the tech stack list, you will be ever growing. We pay for professional training and encourage you to attend events to expand your knowledge.

If this sounds like you and you have permanent work rights in Australia, you can apply here or by sending your CV to: [email protected]