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Posted 1 months ago

Who we are

Unique blockchain assets ("NFTs") have grown in popularity rapidly over the past few months. These unique assets allow people to own anything from in-game items to digital art to music and financial instruments. 

However, they are highly illiquid: transactions take minutes or hours to confirm, and Ethereum can process fewer than 5 NFT per second for the whole world combined. To solve this problem for ourselves and others, we have built Immutable X, the leading software infrastructure to take Ethereum from 5 NFTs per second to thousands. We are in a key position to win the market and turn Immutable X into the default protocol facilitating the trading and creation of digital assets globally.

Immutable X's goal is to help developers and businesses scale their asset-creation by using our protocol for creating and trading these unique assets ("NFTs").

A bit about the role

We are looking for a Head of Business Development to build and lead a world-class B2B sales function. You will be fully accountable for the revenue growth and market share for Immutable X.

You'll get to talk to customers early on and will be the key person closing these relationships. You must be confident in delivering results. 

You will be able to contribute substantially to the overall product vision. You will direct both customer feedback to improve the product and hires relating to technical integration and customer success. 

You will be leading the charge to scale these assets via public infrastructure (Immutable X, built on Ethereum) versus the closed or insecure infrastructure offered elsewhere.

This role has an incredibly high ceiling for growth. Reporting to the co-founder, you will have budget accountability over the function and shape it as you see fit to achieve your goals. At the same time, you will be building a team to scale your efforts and help us meet unprecedented global demand.

This role is key to Immutable's success. By extension, vital to ensuring the future of digital asset trading is on public, decentralised infrastructure rather than a centralised or insecure alternative. Help us drive the future in one of the world's most exciting startups!

A bit about you

You're a world-class salesperson, experienced leader, and business strategist. You have substantial experience pitching complex technical products to CTOs. 

You are very comfortable with the technical nature of the product you are selling. You can understand how our technology operates to our varied possible customers to succeed. 

  • Experienced Pitch-Crafter. You have experience in B2B SaaS sales or creating bespoke pitches for complex businesses, with demonstrated results in that position.
  • Persuasive. If someone talks to you, they end up believing in what you're saying. You are a master salesperson and understand the importance of emotional buy-in.
  • Continuous Improvement: Experience providing product feedback based on customer needs.
  • Scrappy and entrepreneurial. You operate independently, are comfortable making and being accountable for big decisions, and are motivated by an internal drive for excellence.
  • Strategic & technically expert. Ruthlessly prioritises time-for-value in working on leads. Can understand complex technology solutions and pitch them differently to each potential customer based on their business.
  • Quick learner. Intuitive understanding of how our technology and business model operates to our customers.
  • Opinionated. Must have a clear vision for how to establish a successful and thriving B2B function. Must be willing to take massive action to see that vision realised.
  • Grit & relentless resourcefulness. Having the drive, persistence and urgency to keep beating your head against a brick wall. The defining characteristic of success.
  • Growth mindset. You test, you iterate, and you try something new. You love receiving feedback and know it's the fastest way to the right outcome.
  • Process-driven. You know sales is a science and can devise a successful overall sales strategy. You run a CRM with surgical precision.
  • Impeccable Comms. Your written communication is outstanding and clear.
  • Culturally "gets it" - You're capable of understanding what motivates startups in the blockchain NFT space and of speaking their language.
  • Here's how you'll contribute

  • Full accountability for Immutable X B2B sales and revenue.
  • Sell Immutable X. Find and pitch potential customers of Immutable X on how it is the best possible solution for their needs.
  • Craft custom pitches based on the many unique businesses and creatively and strategically ideate ways to get them on board.
  • Design and implement a B2B sales process from scratch.
  • Build relationships with key people in the industry.
  • Constantly track, iterate and optimise each stage of our B2B sales funnel.
  • Provide updates on expected future revenue based on the existing funnel.
  • Work with the CTO and co-founder to establish and iterate our fee and product strategy.
  • With full budget responsibility: hire, train, and successfully hold a senior sales team, customer success team, and technical integration team accountable to delivering required outcomes.
  • Some extra skills that would be awesome

  • Ideally, gaming and/or blockchain savvy.
  • Experience in blockchain and/or gaming.
  • Connections in crypto and/or gaming.
  • Background in computer science education.
  • Sold analogous software - e.g. marketplaces, protocols/infrastructure with competition.
  • Some of the things we can offer you

  • Competitive salary, plus equity
  • Flexibility to work from home regularly
  • Located near Central Station in Surry Hills with a rooftop
  • Regular, fun social events where we can relax and connect with our teammates
  • A very supportive, fun and progressive environment
  • We provide you with all the hardware and an additional $750 to set up your new home office
  • Perkbox benefits including premium access to calm, an online fitness portal and discounts at major retailers
  • Thousands of courses on Go1, Udemy and Naspers
  • Access to 24/7 counselling service for you and your family