Lead Data Engineer at Practice Ignition

Full-Time, Engineering, APAC, New South Wales engineering full-time
Posted 16 days ago

We're a fast paced, high growth B2B software company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia and we’re looking to grow our data team! The Lead Data Engineer is responsible for the bigger picture when it comes to the  technology, people and processes that enable our rich data world to operate. By data engineering, we mean that you are responsible for developing, building, maintaining, and testing our data platform and pipelines, e.g.  data warehouses  ETL, data marts, analytics and dashboards. Basically, you are the gatekeeper of all things data and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, that best-practices are followed from data extraction through to visualisation. 

This newly-created role will work as part of our Data Engineering team and will play a pivotal role in ensuring data quality, governance and scalability. 


  • Design, manage and optimise existing data infrastructure.
  • Work within a growing data team, building and managing data tools used to support and scale with data needs.
  • Build & maintain data pipelines, including integrations between various SaaS tools we use in our business.
  • Make smart decisions about when to leverage off-the-shelf tools and when to build and maintain custom solutions.
  • Enable self-serve analytics through thinking for the business with a problem mindset.
  • Work with team members in cross-functional roles to understand their data-related challenges and ensure they have the right data available.
  • Promote data engineering best practices such as versioning, testing and continuous integration, security, access control and data governance.


  • Experience with cloud data warehousing, e.g. Snowflake
  • Experience with cloud ETL tools e.g. Fivetran, Stitch
  • Experience with workflow management and automation tools e.g. DBT.
  • Proficiency in at least one high-level programming language e.g. Python, Ruby
  • Strong data analysis, modelling and SQL skills, with the ability to write queries to find answers to complex questions
  • Experience with Cloud Computing platforms e.g. AWS
  • Experience creating or maintaining a star schema or similar for a data warehouse
  • Experience creating or maintaining a data pipeline for a data warehouse
  • Current stack: Snowflake, Fivetran, DBT, Tableau
  • Experience managing Reverse ETL will be viewed favourably

Who you are

  • You’re genuinely excited about a collaborative role and building tools to support a new data team. You want the team to be successful.
  • You embrace taking on varied responsibilities, especially in an early stage environment.
  • Doing things better motivates you. We’re looking for someone who can point out inefficiencies and say “I can build something better”.
  • You’re able to work effectively with less technical folk to understand their problems. Empathy is important.
  • You have a curiosity for defining analytical problems and finding innovative solutions with data.

About Us

One of our long term goals is to see Practice Ignition become the central platform that enables cloud accounting practices. We aim to be the platform that links sales, to payments and remove/reduce the administrative processes involved with interacting with your accountant or financial advisor. As much as we’re focused on automating administration and processes within these businesses, it’s the clients that we ultimately aim to engage. 

We’re looking for smart, talented and experienced team members that can take ownership, articulate their point of view and back their opinions with a well researched and knowledgeable stance.

Our Head office is located in Sydney Australia, Our customers are global, so you will be helping customers from, US, UK, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. Building friendships and connections with an amazing and dynamic team all over the world. 

Company Values

“We are better everyday

We work without ego

We are smarter together

We hero our customer”

  • We engage in robust and articulate dialogue while maintaining an open mind 
  • We’re  big on working autonomously, but also have a strong team ethic. We may reward individual effort, but we most certainly play as a team in everything we do
  • We have the ability to focus yet still have a laugh in high-pressure situations
  • We are comfortable working with globally distributed teams who bring together complementary skill sets
  • We are proactive learners, and encourage the continuous development of our skill-sets
  • We are passionate about delivering services to our customers and able to champion their needs
  • We are able to think creatively and develop solutions for our customers

Key Internal relationships:

Data analysts, product managers. You’ll also work collaboratively across several functions including marketing, product & development, sales, customer success, account management, finance and support teams.