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Posted 1 months ago

A bit about the role

$100bn was spent on in-game items last year. $0 went to players. We believe that games should provide more than just entertainment value for the time and money invested. At Immutable, we are combining blockchain technology and gaming expertise to solve this problem. Specifically, blockchain allows players to truly own their in-game items and to sell items for real money. 

Programmable blockchain assets (“tokens”) are being used by blockchain companies to incentivize the adoption of their technology by sharing the upside with early users. Tokens are similar to loyalty points, except they can be traded and come with a utility that is programmed into the blockchain. 

As Head of Tokens, you are responsible for managing the processes of token creation, design, development, go-to-market and operations. To do this you will be directly responsible for the common operational, legal and financial aspects of tokens worth over $1bn whilst managing the product managers who are accountable for the token’s overall value. 

As our Head of Tokens, you will be at the forefront of an innovative new growth product, currently used by a handful of companies worldwide but in the future will be as commonplace as loyalty points. The knowledge and skills you will gain will be highly demanded as tokens reach mainstream adoption.

Here’s how you’ll contribute:

  • Define the processes of token creation, design, development, go-to-market and operation
  • Monitor and constantly improve the above processes
  • Train people within the product teams to own the day to day operations
  • Manage the people responsible for each product token and hold them accountable to the token process KPIs and outcomes
  • Define principles related to legality, security and compliance of tokens so that individual token owners can operate more effectively
  • Organise public and private sale of tokens
  • Ensure our tokens listed on exchanges to maximise liquidity
  • A bit about you:

  • You are plugged into the blockchain and specifically defi world. You need to know what is happening, what is working and not working
  • You have a strong grasp of financial principles, such as liquidity and why it is important
  • You are ready to deal with legal, risk and compliance issues. You need to know when you need to chat with a lawyer
  • You understand the general lay of the land for different jurisdictions
  • You need to be able to be plugged in with what other people have gone with as their legal strategy
  • You have 4+ years of professional experience and have ideally worked in operations, finance or legal role
  • Some extra skills that would be awesome:

  • Existing relationships within the blockchain industry (e.g. exchanges) are a massive plus
  • Process improvement experience
  • Some of the things we can offer you:

  • Competitive salary, plus equity
  • Flexibility to work from home regularly
  • Located near Central Station in Surry Hills with a rooftop
  • Regular, fun social events where we can relax and connect with our teammates
  • We provide you with all the hardware and an additional $750 to set up your new home office
  • A very supportive, fun and progressive environment
  • Perkbox benefits including premium access to calm, an online fitness portal and discounts at major retailers
  • Thousands of courses on Go1, Udemy and Naspers
  • Access to 24/7 counselling service for you and your family
  • About Us

    Immutable is an Australian-based company and market leader in scaling blockchain marketplaces. Immutable is creating a trading ecosystem that’s more accessible, empowers and rewards people in digital ownership. Their goal is to make the whole world tradable on Ethereum.

    Through the Immutable X platform, the company is bringing transparency to the opaque world of digital asset economies (NFTs,non-fungible tokens), providing sellers and buyers true digital property rights. Immutable builds infrastructure for marketplaces developers can provide better value to their users and introduce free-market economies inside their games.

    Immutable X is the first Layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, with instant trade confirmation, massive scalability (9,000 TPS+), zero gas fees -- without compromising user custody.

    Immutable is responsible for launching the most successful blockchain Trading Card Game, Gods Unchained, which is headed up by Chris Clay, the former director of Magic the Gathering Arena.

    Ethereum developers minting onto Immutable X include SuperfarmDAO, (defi NFT farm), Epics.GG,(collectibles) Illuvium (auto battler RPG), Lucid Sight (MLB Champions Baseball, Crypto Space Commander), War Riders (post-apocalyptic MMO), Gods Unchained (TCG) and Guild of Guardians (mobile RPG).

    We do not accept CVs from recruiters or employment agencies.