Senior Cloud Engineer at Trade Ledger

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Posted 2 months ago

The Role

We are looking for an experienced Senior Cloud Engineer reporting directly to the VP of Engineering and Security. You'll act as the fulcrum between Product Engineering, Quality Assurance, Operations, Configuration and DevSecOps, harmonising the efforts of both and helping to craft solutions to operational pain points.

You'll independently design and implement complex tasks spanning multiple components of the whole platform, not limited to infrastructure. You'll make sure they are scalable, resilient, highly available, secure, backed up, testable and tested, properly documented, monitored and alerted on.

You won’t just focus on a small slice of the problem at hand. You will see the big picture of what you’re building and you will understand the impact of your solution on the entirety of the platform. You will be tasked with performing an analysis of possible solution choices for a non-trivial problem, you will build proofs of concept and you will present your findings and recommendation to the team. You will become an SME for the areas you specialise in and you will guide the business towards the best possible usage of those areas.

Your tasks

  • Contributing to a high quality service and delivery culture
  • Ensuring that there is an effective process of continuous improvement
  • Mentoring and knowledge sharing with other members of the Engineering team
  • Ongoing monitoring of the organisation's application and infrastructure architecture, checking for performance, stability and compliance
  • Maintaining all pre-production and production environments
  • Maintaining and contributing to the CI/CD pipelines
  • Automating all repeatable processes
  • Routine maintenance and ad hoc investigation of environmental issues
  • Onboarding new tenants of the platform
  • Patching and upgrading all the components of the infrastructure

Your Skills

  • Excellent understanding and extensive experience with Azure and AWS, including services from the Compute, Containers, Database, Networking, Storage, Management & Governance and Security & Identity areas.
  • Proven commercial experience and in-depth knowledge of managing Kubernetes clusters at scale
    • Nice to have: Helm.
    • Nice to have: experience with service meshes like Istio or Linkerd.
    • Nice to have: experience with GitOps tooling like ArgoCD or Flux.
  • Understanding of container runtimes, including security and performance aspects
  • Implementing infrastructure and surrounding components in Terraform
  • Monitoring of infrastructure and applications deployed on it
  • Experience with tools like Datadog, AppDynamics, Splunk, Sumo Logic, New Relic, Prometheus, Grafana, Elastic
  • Building pipelines in tools like Jenkins, CircleCI, Buildkite, GitHub Actions, Harness
  • Scripting in a language like Bash, Go, Python
  • Writing technical documentation for coworkers and the wider team

About you

  • Background in application development or system administration.
  • You have a start-up mentality and know how to get the best out of the resources you’ve got.
  • You have an incredible appetite to learn.
  • A proven DevSecOps professional with excellent analytical skills
  • Awesome team player.
  • Excellent communicator to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Not afraid to ask questions & not afraid to be wrong.
  • If you find something broken or out of date, you can't bear to walk-on-by, and will either fix it up on the way through or make sure the right people know about it.
  • You understand the value of up-to-date documentation and do not close a non-trivial task as done without having meticulously documented your solution.
  • You hate doing things manually via click-ops and endeavour to write everything-as-code.