Head of Operations at Relevance AI

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Posted a month ago

Relevance AI is a machine learning SaaS startup building a platform to help companies and developers leverage machine learning vectors to extract business value from qualitative data such as text, images, audio, pdfs, etc. This involves managing the lifecycle of vectors such as creating, storing, evaluating, searching and analysing them.

80% of business data is qualitative and unstructured. Top companies like Spotify, TikTok, Google utilise qualitative data to create the most personalised and successful products. We want to democratise the access of that 80% for businesses to build the most powerful applications such as NLP Search, Visual Recommendations and help decision makers get a 360 view of their data.

As Head of Operations, you will be responsible for driving the growth of the company by overseeing all company-wide initiatives to achieve the overall objectives of the business including developing systems and processes to achieve massive scale.

This role is for someone who is decisive, moves incredibly fast and has a strong appetite for growth. You will essentially be implementing the vision of the company in the most practical and scalable ways. We need you to develop a repeatable framework for achieving scale.

More about us

  • We're venture-backed and partnered with one of the biggest players in the space.

  • Working with major customers to drive impact.

  • And we're in the process of bringing on 20 like-minded go getters to assist with our mission.

Your Responsibilities

  • Overseeing company-wide processes and systems.

  • Crafting messaging and positioning.

  • Formulate business strategy with others in the executive team.

  • Design policies that align with overall strategy.

  • Develop a repeatable framework/playbook for hyper-growth.

  • Heavy involvement in all areas of the business.


  • 3+ years experience within a Head of Operations or similar role, preferably with a background in product, tech or similar experience.

  • Experience with implementing IT systems.

  • Exposure to hyper-growth startup climate.

  • You're an analytical thinker, able to interpret data and make calls based on your findings.

  • Strong problem solving skills.

  • Cross-functional, jack of all trades and pick up any tasks confidently.