General Manager: Super Duper, Top Secret New Brand at Who Gives A Crap

Top Secret, New Brand!, United States (PST), Australia (AEST)
Posted 16 days ago

Do you want to help the world do more good, more easily? 

A bit about us:

This isn’t our usual job ad. Usually we’d spend some time here writing about how great our toilet paper is (so soft! so strong!), how we’ve donated over AUD$8.3 million (roughly USD$5.9 million) to charity, and how crazy awesome our team of 120 people across 6 countries is (which it is!). But we’re actually looking for someone to help us launch our first spin-off. Yep, that’s right, we’re launching an entirely new top-secret brand in the personal care space, and we want your help!

We’re looking for someone bold, entrepreneurial and committed to making the world a better place to lead the charge. So if you love personal care, hate plastic, and are thrilled by the idea of leading something new within the Who Gives A Crap family, keep reading!

When we shine up our crystal ball, here are some of the most impactful pieces of work we see on your roadmap over the first year:

Firstly, you’ll partner with our Insights team to get yourself acquainted with our customers, digging in to understand their behaviours, desires and needs. Our customers will play an integral role in your ability to test prototypes and gather feedback as you seek to inform your product, marketing and business strategy. 

Oh and while you’re getting to know humans, you’ll also be focused on building relationships with our broader Who Gives A Crap team while you partner with P&C to build out a team of your own. You’ll scope out the resourcing requirements within your core team whilst working closely with the Heads of Function across our core business business to map out the ideal allocation and workflows to bring the teams together. Through testing and learning, you’ll help us identify the optimal working relationship, progress updates and playbook for building effective and enjoyable pods. 

All of this work will help you set the foundations to see you complete the product development process for our first range and successfully launch across three of our major markets. No biggie! You’ll be working particularly closely with our Growth Marketing and Digital Product teams as we master this fine art. 

You’ll not only be focused on the launch, but equally the landing. Your ongoing learnings and insights will inform and adapt our strategy, P&L and product roadmap and you’ll lean on your storytelling and strategic abilities to bring the rest of the business on the journey with you.

Let’s talk about you

You might have a background in brand management, product development, innovation, marketing or something else, but what we’re really looking for is someone who can balance that expertise with a love of rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty! Whether you’ve lived the entrepreneur experience yourself, ridden the early stage scale up journey or led a new market or brand launch - one thing is for sure, you’ve built the grit and resilience that it takes to navigate unchartered territory and seek out opportunity in uncertainty and overcome adversity. Also:

You’re obsessed with great products and brands
You’re obsessed with personal care products and brands, and are the first one to order the latest new launch. You know immediately the difference between good and great in a product, brand and marketing, and you won’t settle for anything but great.

You don’t feel comfortable *not* talking to customers
You know that problem businesses face where they end up in a silo and don’t talk to their customers enough? You’ve never understood that because you’re always talking to customers. You’re not afraid to stop people on the street, write or call customers to see how they’re liking things, and you’re always thinking of how we can delight them in new ways. Meanwhile, you’re also thinking about how we can broaden our customer base, and reach people who don’t necessarily look and think like you do!

You can dream AND execute
You skate to where the puck is going, and you know how to lead your team there as well. This role will have a lot of autonomy so we want to know you’ll be thinking boldly, and have the strategic and operational chops to actually execute against those bold ideas.

P&L are your favorite letters
You don’t need a degree in accounting. But you do understand a P&L, and you’re comfortable managing your budget, setting targets and blowing them out of the water.

You can talk creative and brand
We’re not expecting you to jump into Sketch or Figma, or do the copywriting yourself (although that’d be amazing!). But we think the partnership between commercial and creative is what makes magic happen, so we want to know that you can build strong partnerships with your creative thought partners, and empower them to do amazing work!

You build teams and bridges
You’ll be hiring your own team. But you’ll also be working with our internal team, which won’t always be easy. We want someone who gives more than they take in a relationship, who knows the importance of building bridges, and who wakes up everyday excited to lead their team!

You give a crap
Even though this is a new business, we’re still building it to make a huge difference in the world. We’ll be donating 50% of our profits to help provide clean water and toilets to the 2 billion people who don’t have access, and we’re focused on eliminating single-use plastic and nasty ingredients in the bathroom. Is this what motivates you? Good, us too!

Why you should work with us

This is a pretty darn unique opportunity if you ask us. You’ll have the thrill of starting something new, but the support of an incredible core business behind you. You’ll have the opportunity to shape the culture of your team over time, but you won’t be starting from scratch.

Just like with our core business, every minute you spend working with us, you’re making a difference. The more we grow, the bigger our impact. Sell your soul no longer! We think that’s pretty great, but we don’t stop there…

With the flexibility to work from wherever you’re most comfortable and only 4 hours of “core hours” per day, you’ll truly have the opportunity to tailor your work around your life. 

Our benefits are designed to support a healthy, happy and thriving team. On top of some of the benefits of what you’d expect from a people-first team like ours, we also offer generous paid parental leave, a parents portal through Circle In, access to tailored learning & development opportunities, access to digital mental wellbeing platform, Uprise and, did we mention free TP? Oh, and you get to say the word ‘crap’ more than in any other job. Guaranteed.

We are passionate about fair and equitable remuneration and ensure we pay competitively and thoughtfully based on your experience, the market and our insights. Just because we’re a social enterprise doesn’t mean you’ll get paid peanuts. Think chocolate covered macadamia nuts with some extra perks thrown in.

We’re also not the only ones who think that working at Who Gives A Crap is pretty unbeatable. We’re feel so honoured to have been recognized for the second year in a row on BuiltIn LA’s “100 Best Places to Work” list, and most recently also on the “Best Mid-sized Places to Work” list. 

We’re also humbled to have recently received our sixth consecutive Culture Amp engagement score of 90+ and as a certified B Corp, we're committed to the highest standards of social and environmental impact as a profit-for-purpose business.

So that’s where we’re starting, but we’re excited to see what you can do to build it from there!