Senior Quantum Control Engineer - Experimental Superconducting Qubits at Q-CTRL

Engineering, Full-Time / Permanent, Sydney, NSW sydney engineering full-time
Posted 1 months ago
About us
Quantum technology is likely to be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th. Quantum computing in particular promises to completely disrupt the way we process information - transforming previously uncomputable problems into manageable ones.

If you build or use quantum hardware, Q-CTRL provides the critical enabling software and professional services to help you achieve maximum performance.  We empower our customers to realise the true potential of quantum tech, combining modern product design and engineering with state-of-the-art quantum control engineering techniques. Our ambition is to be the trusted provider of quantum control solutions across all applications of quantum tech.

We’re a venture-capital backed company with Tier-1 investors including Sequoia Capital, DCVC, Sierra Ventures, and InQTel.   Q-CTRL operates offices in the US and Australia, but is currently supporting remote work within these jurisdictions due to COVID19.

About the role
Supported by the largest team of quantum control and machine learning experts in the world - already assembled at Q-CTRL - you will help address the toughest hardware challenges facing superconducting quantum computers.

You will develop high-performance characterization and optimization techniques for superconducting devices, informed by your experience operating real devices. You will get to deploy solutions on real hardware to test and verify their effectiveness, and work with customers to integrate into their systems.

This is your chance to solve the difficult problems you wish someone had solved when you ran experiments - poor gate fidelities, drifts, miscalibrations, instabilities, crosstalk, slow and manual tuneup procedures.