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Posted 9 days ago

The banks are having a lend. They lock people into a life sentence, charge them for sneezing, and have a 0% interest rate in treating customers like people. Home loans need a hero.

Australia, meet Athena... daughter of Zeus, patron of heroic endeavor, mother of wisdom and freedom, legendary loan warrior and game-changing goddess of good stuff. She’s pretty awesome.

She’s here to lighten the loan. With soaring prices, credit cards and avocado toast, Australians have enough debt already. Athena removes the mortgage handcuffs, and arms homeowners with what they need to save themselves. We’re talking serious savings in time, money and stress.

Athena has the power to slice a bloody big chunk off the life of a loan. How? Well guess what, the world has changed and technology has made everything more efficient. Unlike the banks, Athena is happy to pass those benefits on. Told you she was awesome.

We’ve always been told to get a home loan, Athena wants you to get rid of it. And with it, she’s getting rid of any bullshit, jargon or paperwork- she hates those- and dialling up all the good bits like better design, access, transparency and old-fashioned service (in a new-fashioned digital kinda way).

A few bankers may be sacrificed, which will please our game-changing goddess of good stuff, and the millions of Australians who can now save themselves and move from loaners to owners.

Because life’s too short for a long home loan.

Who Are We?

We are Athena! A kick-ass army of mighty loan warriors- fighting for the Game-changing Goddess of Good Stuff, so millions of Australians can take control of their financial lives and re-write their future. We are not a bunch of bankers.  Unlike them we actually give a buck about the customer. We are here to lighten the loan for Australian’s reducing their mortgage life sentence.  Because life is too short for a long home loan. We are a start-up (who launched early 2019) who have achieved phenomenal growth since launch (in 2019), but we are only getting started. 2022 is going to be even bigger and we would love for you to be part of it.

What we can offer you?

The opportunity to work with a team of fast movers and shakers who really want to create some real change in the home loans industry.  Australia has enough debt already, we want to help Australian’s get out of debt so they can start to re-write their future stories.

We believe in autonomy, bravery, moving fast and just giving things a go. We are focused on building a company where everyone wants to work because they feel valued, empowered and because they feel passionate about helping customers get out of debt sooner.

Your Mission

  • Website Redesign:  Head up the Website Marketing team to deliver a best in class, customer first, efficient converting website with cutting edge technology & design that showcases our brand and ambition.
  • Website Optimisation: Drive continuous evolution and optimisation of the site. Leverage CRO techniques to constantly drive up hit-to-lead and hit-to-app conversion rate. Ensure our SEO strategy is constantly being implemented and evolved.

You will be required to lead the transformation and redesign of our website, ensuring all stakeholders are included and have buy in along the way.  We currently have an external agency helping us with this re-design which needs tight management in order to hit deadlines.

You need to champion and lead constant A/B testing to constantly enhance website conversion rates and data capture mechanisms. 

Our ambition is to apply the same analytical rigour that we have with our acquisition marketing strategy to become best in class at website conversion, so that this area of the business becomes a strategic weapon that ultimately drives down CPA.  This means constantly analysing customer behaviour, identifying opportunities for customer data capture, driving customer journeys and A/B testing.

You will have a proven ability to unify cross-functional teams to drive exponential growth in organic traffic. You’ll enjoy a fast-paced and dynamic environment, working as part of a team that’s passionate about growing one of Australia’s fastest growing fintech brands.

You will be a key leader in the marketing team responsible for ensuring cross collaboration and communication across all areas of marketing and developing strong, cooperative working relationships with the product team.  In particular, you will be working closely with the Head of Marketing Automation (to drive leads for the website) and Head of Digital to ensure the right landing pages are in place for campaigns and customer segments.

Core Priorities:

  • Lead and empower the team to deliver a newly design website that strikes the right balance between being creatively different and on brand as well as optimised for application conversion.
  • Drive the constant A/B testing strategy to persistently increase customer data capture and app conversion.
  • Work closely with the Head of Digital Marketing to ensure customer journeys are in line with digital acquisition strategies, taking responsibility for landing pages and personalisation of identified customer segments.
  • Work closely with the Head of Marketing Automation Strategy to create lead capture opportunities on the website
  • Be the key liaison with other stake holders in the business to ensure that the website is kept up to date with the latest product launches and information. This includes encouraging feedback from the sales team to ensure customer feedback is taken on board.
  • Be responsible for driving our SEO strategy ensuring that we hit our quarterly and annual objectives for website performance and ranking for core topic areas.
  • Be responsible for the analytics and reporting of website performance and conversion rates, reporting back to key stakeholders, collating ideas and working collaboratively to agree priorities.
  • Support, encourage and advocate for your team’s personal development, ensuring they are clear on their priorities and objectives.

Target Profile & Key Attributes:

  • Experience with designing, scaling and optimising websites – ideally within financial service (but not restrictive to).
  • Have a good eye for excellent Website design, messaging hierarchy and best in class customer engagement mechanisms.
  • Be knowledgeable in best practice across UX/UI, SEO, website optimisations & data personalisation
  • Analysing customer behaviour and conversion rates, creating dash boards and creating new hypothesis
  • A drive and passion for A/B testing and experimenting with ways to capture customer data.
  • An experienced and compassionate leader who can inspire the team
  • Ability to adapt to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity and rapid changes
  • A creative mind that can deliver and execute on bold ideas.
  • A can-do attitude. You’re not afraid to roll-up your sleeves and make it happen. You don’t get overwhelmed by an impending deadline

We are also looking for someone who lives and breathes these attributes:

  • Flexible mindset: or Athena to grow, you need to grow and not be capped out. Be prepared to change other peoples minds and for them to change yours. You need to enjoy this.
  • Super collaborative: no egos, elbows or brilliant assholes
  • Inspirational leader: be able to inspire, coach and empower your team
  • Strong critical & analytical thinking: be able to think deeply, get concepts quickly, analyse date and uncover key insights.
  • Great communicator: Be a team player and able to articulate your strategies and rationale behind them
  • Sales intuition & Ideas creation: Understanding of the conversion and sales lifecycle with great intuitive ideas that you believe would be a market differentiator and in turn increase conversion.