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Australia or U.S timezone/Operations do-er and Leader/Full-time/Meaningful company stock/Work from anywhere policy.

👽 Arli is on a mission to radically change the way that people access and experience support for addiction. We give people 24/7 access to the tools and community they need to build their confidence, strength, and ultimately...the lives they want.

🌍 Millions of people globally suffer from one form of addiction or another. While drugs, alcohol, and smoking are the most commonly known forms of addiction, we know that less recognised forms of addiction, including pharmaceuticals, gambling, porn, sex, food, computer gaming, social media, and screen addiction (not to mention what we can’t see)—represent an even bigger opportunity for positive change, impact and support.

🙄 Literally, everyone has some sort of addiction (unless you're a Buddhist monk meditating all day in the mountains...but even that sounds a bit addictive, right?). We imagine a world where the word is less scary - "Yeah, I am working on my Twitter addiction with Arli, to create a bit more space in my day. How awesome!"

⭕️ For every 1 person challenged with addiction, 7 are affected by its impacts. So we’re not just talking to individuals, we’re talking to entire communities. We champion for people with addictions, but we also include their families, partners, friends, support teams, clinicians and care organisations.

💪 We're determined to change the conversation around addiction, eliminate stigma and build brighter paths towards recovery.

💯 We are 100% biased, but we are great to work with. We have a distributed team (our team members currently work across 4 continents, and we have a global army of Arli Coaches now in training). We prioritise work-life balance for ourselves and our employees. Our pay is competitive, and we can assure you that if you come and work with us, you will not only be supported in doing your best life's work, but you'll also rewarded in spades by the daily feeling that the work you're doing is changing lives and the future of our world—for the better.


💼 Backed by top investors including Folklore, Antler, Airtree, Simon Griffiths (Co-Founder & CEO of Who Gives A Crap), and more.

👀 Featured in the Australian Financial Review as one to watch.

🤝 Partnered with Monash University, The Buttery, Australian Federal Government and other industry leaders.

💪 Founder: CEO & Founder Sally Krebs is one of the youngest (and most fierce) CEO's in the global Social Impact Start-up community—having founded Arli at just 27. Read her story here.

About the role

⭐️ As our Head of Operations, you’ll play a key role in operationalising our coaching line of the business. Reporting to our CEO, you’ll build the supply side of our marketplace, including the full lifecycle of the Coach experience: Recruiting, training, onboarding, community building, Coach happiness, nurturing, QA, and building Coach ambassadors.

⚙️ You will are an expert handle cranker. Figuring out what to optimise, which levers to pull, and when, will be your craft. You will post quotes in Slack like "give me a process and give me freedom" and there will be a custom emoji humorously teasing your methodical way of thinking created within the first 2 minutes of joining 🤖. But seriously, knowing that our Coaches are doing well (retention) our members are feeling good (quality), and our coaches are effective (utilisation) will be 🔑.

🚗 You will grow and drive operational excellence at Arli. This will include helping the team set, align and track OKR's; supporting the company and CEO with financial reporting and budgeting (via accountants); and making sure to keep us safe and out of trouble (legal contracts, liabilities and risk mitigation).

⭕️ The scope is broad and bright, but you will naturally be the type of human that wants to have an outsized impact in the business. One: because you want to grow, but two: because you have likely done it before and are a strong generalist.

🧗‍♂️ While you will thrive on this huge mountain to climb, you won't run this trek solo. You'll collaborate incredibly closely with our Head of Coaching, Arielle who is currently living her best life in Miami and you will have support from our Head of Marketing, Lauren who will not rest until we build one of the most human and accessible brands on the planet. These two female powerhouses having your back will not only ensure sure you succeed but will grow you personally and professionally in ways the English language has no words for.

Let's talk about you.

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  • 💪 You’re a role model and you lead with pride
  • ❤️ You care, a lot
  • 🤓 You're practical & anchored
  • 🙌 Self-aware and vulnerable
  • 🛌 You do this in your sleep
  • ❌ Let's talk about the things we don't value

What's in it for you?

We believe people do their best work when they are healthy and happy.

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  • 🌟 Purpose
  • 🌏 Work anywhere. Live your life.
  • 🏋️‍♂️ Training
  • 💎 Transparent and inclusive
  • ❤️ Community
  • 💰 Compensation
  • 🚀 Growth opportunities
  • 🤓 World-class science & tech

Our team

We are a global, distributed team across Australia and North America (and growing!).

Our team and all of our Coaches are made up of people who have lived experience with addiction. People who are living examples of what's possible. People who actually know what it takes.

People who truly get it.

Our values

Values are actions not just ideas. They inform the way we treat each other and those we support, as well as the products and experiences we build. With a shared understanding of our values, we can go further together.

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  • 🤝 People are the priority. Period.
  • 💎 Clear is kind
  • 🙌 Lead with pride
  • 👂 Listen carefully

The process we run (so we BOTH know what good likes like)

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  • Hit apply and follow the prompts If your CV is longer than 2 pages long, try again)
  • Video introduction - 10 minutes.
  • First interview: You interview the Founder — 40 minutes
  • Second interview: Founder and another Leader will interview you 30-60 mins
  • Case study — You present back to the entire team.
  • Lunch with the team.
  • Final culture interview — With someone outside of the business, we trust.
  • Offer.

Not everyone will get an interview but everyone will get a reply. It won’t be emotional it will simply be “Thanks but maybe in the future”

If we are incredibly excited by you as a future teammate we will fast track this process. If at any stage we decide that there’s not a fit we will let you know straight away.

Last but not least: Addiction is a problem that touches every part of society — no matter what gender, racial background, sexual orientation, or religious belief. That’s why we are building a team that is just as diverse as the people affected by addiction.