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Posted 4 months ago

Senior Product Owner

At THE ICONIC our mission is to deliver seamless and inspiring experiences for our customers and our people. We DREAM BIG through collaboration and innovation and are supported to bring incredible ideas to life. We are a group of people believing in making a positive difference in this world and liberating our customers through the power of fashion and sports.

At THE ICONIC, innovation drives us; we believe that innovation should not be sitting in a siloed team but rather be part of everyone and everything we do & deliver. Every person in tech has a voice and we find that our best products are achieved through collaboration.  

Our Tech teams skills and experience are diverse, allowing for greater collaboration and constant learning. Our teams are cross-functional, mission-driven and able to iterate from inception to production without being blocked or having to ask permission from other teams. We love to move fast and build, measure and learn. 

What’s involved…

We look for Senior Product Owners who have experience working in a logistics or supply chain background

You bridge technology and business value and are the go-to person who’s responsible and accountable for the inception, design, delivery and testing of solutions that work.  You won’t just create tech features, you’ll create customer and business value. This means that you work with your business partners to understand the context, and you deliver the solution that is needed. It will usually be tech, but not always. You’ll improve processes, train people, refine policies and procedures, improve data and reporting, and of course, deliver technology to enable all of this. You’ll always take the time to embed your solutions within their content, and you own the outcome rather than the output.

You will be working in an agile environment on high-quality software to support THE ICONIC as a leader in the online retail space.  You will use your prioritisation skills to make the right calls on what needs to be addressed and when and how value can be delivered as early as possible.  

You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary team with OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). It’s your responsibility to set your team's OKRs, prioritise them and drive the necessary workshops and stakeholder alignment meetings. You’ll work with your team to get things done and advocate for the team, explaining how your solutions deliver value for customers and contribute to THE ICONIC’s success. You’ll break your product objectives down into tangible deliverables, ensuring the team and others across the business are engaged. You’ll resolve any blockers that may arise, following the Lean Development Life Cycle.

You take accountability for your product backlog. This is more than accountability for ‘having’ a backlog. You also make sure that it is clearly ordered by business and customer value, based on data and rationale and are able to communicate how your prioritisation decisions are made and why.  You don’t do anything you do because someone else said you should do it. You have a clear view on what is most important, and why you believe it to be so.

It is expected that you:

  • Be the customer voice at the table.
  • Prioritise and have a clear framework that allows easy explanation why we are doing A instead of B.  
  • Have a clear overview of what the team is set to achieve and how it relates to the company goals.
  • Understand the viability, feasibility and desirability of what’s set to be delivered.
  • Document and demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams and/or charts.
  • Improve team velocity by analysing current performance, experimenting with new ways of working, improving team engagement and measuring and surfacing agile metrics.
  • Update job knowledge by being exposed to other THE ICONIC departments and people, current and future state of the market, macro trends, what other top tech companies are doing and participating in industry-related events.

 About you… 


  • 5+ years as a Senior Product Owner or Product Manager
  • A minimum of 3 years Product Owner experience, with a solid understanding of logistics or the supply chain operations
  • 6+ years working in an Agile environment
  • Deep experience building digital products on the web and native apps
  • Led a product from strategy, through to initial idea, implementation, support and continuous improvement
  • Developed and managed successful stakeholder relationships
  • Decided whether to buy or build new products to integrate into existing infrastructure


  • Ability to get things done, either autonomously or within a team, depending on the circumstances.
  • A methodical approach to problem-solving, and well-practised toolkit of methods to apply to get to root causes and find the best solutions
  • Ability to articulate complicated problems to people so they can understand and contribute to the solution
  • Analysing quantitative data to pinpoint problems and opportunities, or prove that something is worth doing
  • Break down tasks by writing user stories with acceptance criteria
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Customer-centric product design, development and delivery
  • Understands the levers of revenue/cost/margin/profit
  • Mapping processes and operating models
  • Solid experience with experimentation/AB-testing

Why you'll love THE ICONIC

  • Feel free to skip the commute and work from home. On the days you are in the office, get here quickly thanks to our highly accessible central location
  • Sweat out the stress using our discounted gym memberships
  • Get your knowledge fix with our learning days, hackathons and learning bank
  • No matter what your style is, we have got you covered with our Amazing staff discount and our famous sample sale
  • Got a furry friend? Bring them to the office! We LOVE animals.
  • Feel supported beyond your day job with flexible hours, part time, paid parental leave, additional personal leave, family friendly workplace, first day of school off, birthday leave

 Additional Information

We are committed to providing reasonable arrangements to all individuals participating in our application and interview process, and while performing job functions. If you require any accommodations or adjustments prior to the submission of your application or throughout your interview process, please contact our Talent Acquisition team directly: [email protected]