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At Edrolo, our mission is simple: to improve education.

We're an Australian, venture-backed EdTech startup with global ambitions. We currently have a team of over 150 Edrollers, and we are growing fast. We have offices in Melbourne and Sydney, plus a number of remote workers across both NSW and QLD.

At Edrolo, we’re focused on building the very best educational resources for secondary school students and teachers across all of the major learning domains: Maths, Science, Humanities, English and the Arts. We blend cutting-edge technology with print to build resources that are the best of both worlds, and take a systematic, innovative, and research-led approach to resource design, combined with actionable analytics, to give school leaders, teachers, and students the tools they need to reach their teaching and learning goals.

Do you want to be part of a company with an ambitious mission that really matters? Are you looking to take on a vital role in a growing team? Do you want to have a big impact on the lives of students and teachers across the world? If so, this role is for you. We're a young company, with runs on the board, and a vision you can buy into long-term.


This is a newly-created role at Edrolo, meaning you’ll have the unique greenfield opportunity to come in and own all things marketing in a high-growth, for-purpose organisation that already boasts incredible client engagement metrics. As the first senior marketing professional at Edrolo, you will lead the process of establishing a world-class marketing function and vision, thereby enabling our Sales teams to go to the next level.

The current landscape

Since founding, Edrolo has committed to establishing one-to-one relationships with each and every school we partner with. We have an enterprise sales model whereby our Business Development Managers win new clients, and our Learning Innovation Associates and Client Success Team activate, retain, and upgrade clients. It is in our DNA to be seen as trusted advisers to our school partners, and we achieve this through building long-term relationships with our partner schools that are centred on listening, guiding, and understanding the nuances of each school’s teaching and learning landscape. Through this, we are able to not only show how Edrolo’s products and services will assist in improving outcomes (and provide the support year-round to ensure this happens), but also provide advice and assistance on all kinds of related opportunities for schools.

What is the vision for this role (and you)?

Supercharge our existing Sales team!

We’ve been so focused on building our one-to-one relationships with schools and creating incredible grassroots buy-in that we’ve not yet told the story of the company, nor unlocked the opportunities inherent in the passionate community of 1000s of teachers and 100,000s of students that we’ve created.

We are looking for a Marketing & Communications Manager to unlock this opportunity.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • ​​Work with the Sales leadership team to set the marketing & communications strategy for the business.
  • Develop and execute on a marketing roadmap, including establishment and management of the marketing budget.
  • Conceptualise and execute marketing campaigns.
  • Create and oversee a multichannel communications plan including an objective to broadly increase Edrolo’s presence in educational media.
  • Over time, build a vision and execute on team expansion to increase the impact of our marketing efforts, particularly as we take Edrolo global.
  • Oversee an overhaul of our lead funnel.
  • Manage the design and production of promotional materials, such as websites and brochures.
  • Oversee the company’s attendance at events, such as subject and Principal conferences.
  • Be involved as a key stakeholder in the establishment of our brand promise, brand narrative, brand ID, tone of voice, and brand playbook.
  • Build a content and social media plan, including a specific objective around unlocking the potential inherent in our existing community of school leaders, teachers and students.
  • Create and oversee a plan to broadly increase Edrolo’s presence in educational media.


Firstly, you care deeply about the mission to improve education.

You value working with people who care for each other, who are intellectually curious and display intellectual humility, who love new ideas and figuring out tough problems, who crave feedback and give it to others as a considered gift, who believe in the importance of a great working environment and culture and seek to enhance these, who take responsibility, and who are mission-aligned.

We believe in casting a wide net to find the best possible team members. The below describes who might be the ideal candidate. As a company we believe values alignment is more important than experience, and we're looking for people who have the potential to be great Edrollers first and foremost. If your values align with ours and the role sounds exciting, get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

​​Does the following sound like you?

  • You’re a true believer in the mission. Improving education is important to you and you understand the power that improving education can have on people individually, their communities, and the wider world.
  • You’re intellectually curious and have deep interest and experience in marketing and communications. You can tell us about your favourite speakers, books, podcasts, and ideas and engage with us in discussions about these.
  • You have some understanding of what working in an EdTech startup with high growth ambitions means: opportunity, uncertainty, high-growth, adaptability, and constant challenges to extend ourselves. You find this exciting
  • You're prepared to enter on the ground floor of the marketing function and roll up your sleeves to execute on everything from basic campaigns to building momentum for the game-changing initiatives we need to realise our vision.
  • You are prepared to work across traditional and new marketing channels, much like Edrolo’s products blend cutting-edge technology with ‘old-school’ textbooks.
  • You have strong planning, prioritisation, and organisational skills, and embrace a flexible and changing plan to focus on the next most important thing.
  • You’re tech-savvy and find the use of new systems and data exciting.
  • You have an exceptional track record of high performance in marketing and communications and can demonstrate this to us.


We’re looking forward to a great new Edroller joining our team and want to empower them to achieve great things with us. In return we’re offering the opportunity to:

  • Get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company and team – make a meaningful and immediate impact on education and the sales function at Edrolo
  • Opportunities to work directly with senior management and founders
  • Work with a highly mission-oriented team building highly impactful products that improve education
  • A competitive salary and opportunity to participate in the employee share option plan
  • Startup vibes and all the good things that come with that including a pragmatic and rewarding approach to flexible working: we really value facetime but also are well set up for people to work remotely.


We run a traditional recruiting process, whereby we ask candidates to apply online after which we run a series of interviews where you’ll be given a chance to shine and engage with the range of Edrollers you would be working with day-in, day-out. We’ll respect your time and move as quickly as we can to a decision on your application at each stage.