AI Engineer at Faethm

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Posted 13 days ago

Faethm is scaling! We're looking for a Sydney-based AI Engineer to join us on this exciting journey! 


Do you want to work for an inventive, purpose-driven and civic-minded company? With an ambitious but realisable mission and vision that tackles a very real and globally important issue?

AI and Data Science are at the core of what Faethm does as a business. We look for creative and original ways to apply AI and analytical techniques to workforce data to help our clients navigate the future. At Faethm, you are always encouraged to innovate. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new opportunities.

Reporting to Faethm’s Head of Data Science, as an AI Engineer, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Collaborating closely with Faethm’s data science team to ensure workflows (including machine learning tasks, data exploration and analysis, data pipelines and integrations, feature development and labelling) can meet the needs of our products and clients.
  • Supporting Faethm’s data scientists with ongoing training and assistance for essential data engineering concepts and tools (such as the SDLC, coding practices, GitHub and Jira)
  • Supporting the consumption of Faethm’s data science outputs by Product teams and for platform services provided by our Customer team, such as our occupation ontology, impact research and client insights.
  • Providing visibility into Faethm’s data science capabilities to the broader Faethm product and engineering teams.
  • Overseeing Faethm’s data science infrastructure, including monitoring production workflows and maintaining critical infrastructure components.
  • Identifying and developing enhancements to our infrastructure capabilities to meet emerging requirements (such as the research and development, security and regulatory needs)
  • Keeping up to date with new data science and data engineering technologies.
  • Formulating and documenting experiments to investigate innovative ideas that may add value to Faethm's offerings.
  • Optimising deployment of ML pipelines for accuracy and rapid experimentation.

To be successful in this role 
you’ll ideally have:

  • A natural talent for creative ideation.
  • A broad understanding of the numerous technologies and methods used by data scientists and engineers to deliver production-grade data science outcomes.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with other engineers and analysts in both office-based and remote working environments.
  • An ability to build relationships with stakeholders and peers across the organisation.
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and research skills.
  • A strong desire and ability to learn new tools, architectures and programming languages and demonstrate essential concepts to others.
  • Experience using Python for data science workflows (such as jupyterlab, papermill, pandas, scikit-learn, xgboost, keras, etc)
  • Experience developing infrastructure-as-code with AWS (CloudFormation).
  • An understanding of core AWS components and awareness of the emerging landscape.
  • An understanding of container technologies (Docker, ECS/EKS, etc) to build and execute tasks in reproducible environments.
  • Awareness of GitHub, AWS and testing components used to deploy CI/CD pipelines.
  • Knowledge of NLP concepts including transformers, Seq2Seq models and embeddings.

To stand out in this role, you’ll have some of the following:

  • Experience with NLP systems and efficient processing of high-volume text streams and data pipelines.
  • Knowledge of Graphs and/or Graph Neural Nets, and their practical usage in Natural Language applications.
  • Experience with Apache Spark, AWS Athena/Glue.
  • Strong SQL and Regex skills.
  • Experience deploying production solutions based on HuggingFace, pytorch, nltk, spacy, BERT or similar packages and models.
  • An ability to mentor and support data science and engineering peers on NLP system concepts and implementation.

While we have identified the initial responsibilities of the role, be pre-prepared for this role to evolve as products, clients, and analytics grow.

Join Faethm and you will: Work for an inventive, purpose-driven and civic-minded company with an ambitious but realisable mission and vision that tackles a very real and globally important issue. People are our secret sauce. What are you waiting for come and work with an amazing team of professionals, in an autonomous, agile, yet supportive and flexible environment? 

Faethm is an equal opportunity employer. We find excellence in diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.