Marketing Manager at FrankieOne

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Posted a month ago

The Role 

This is a unique opportunity to be the first hire in FrankieOne's Marketing Department. As the Marketing Manager, you'll be tasked with setting up the marketing function from scratch. You won't just be driving the direction; you'll be laying the foundation for an entire department. This role allows for an unprecedented level of ownership and influence over FrankieOne's brand and marketing direction.

Our team continues to build enterprise-grade SaaS solutions that create huge value for our customers. Our product has created its own momentum and we need you to help harness and build on the reach across new channels and markets. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Content and Copywriting

  • Create and publish blogs, newsletters, presentations, and case studies
  • Directly manage and update website content, from basic updates to content optimisation

Social Media

  • Develop and run organic and paid campaigns across multiple social media channels
  • Analyse performance metrics to adjust campaigns in real-time

Brand Marketing

  • Develop brand guidelines, and ensure they are consistently applied across all marketing materials
  • Directly involve yourself in the creative development process

Growth Activities

  • Design, implement, and manage lead generation campaigns
  • Handle SEO activities, including keyword research and content optimisation

Industry Events

  • Plan and execute industry events, from trade shows to webinars, that align with FrankieOne's marketing goals

Marketing Operations

  • Set up and directly manage our Hubspot CRM for optimal data management and campaign execution
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of all marketing activities, making real-time adjustments based on data analytics

PR/Comms Support

  • Draft press releases, pitch to journalists, and prepare executives for media interactions
  • Actively engage with industry journalists and key influencers

Partnership Marketing

  • Design and implement co-marketing activities, create promotional materials, and directly manage relationships with our major clients and partners like Afterpay, AWS, and Westpac