Full Stack Web Developer at Envision Systems

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Posted 14 days ago

About the job

We are on a mission to solve traffic congestion and improve public transport services with the power of software and data.

And we're looking for an experienced Full Stack Web Developer to join us! Are you the one?

A bit about Envision Labs

Envision Labs is a young startup based here in Melbourne. While we maybe young, our ambition is to solve the grand challenge of traffic congestion and improving public transport services.

Just think of what the world would look like if you weren't stuck in traffic behind other cars, wishing for traffic lights to be smarter. Or on a crowded train after work, wishing someone knew that we needed more frequent and bigger trains on your particular platform during peak hours!

Well, we wished for the same thing! And we realised all of this and more is achievable with the power of software and real-time data. And we're building the solution for this!

About the role

As an experienced full stack web developer, you will work with our team of web developers and engineers in a truly collaborative way.

You will be enhancing the data platform for our users, by building a real-time insights and analytics dashboard. You will be exploring and implementing ways to visualise data and trends in a manner that is easy to understand. This involves building and testing APIs, handling data objects and graphing / mapping them, finding and fixing bugs, documentation, unit testing and more.

We will work together to find customer pain points, infrastructure limitations and more, to build a collaborative data and insights platform.

As a startup, our work evolves on a frequent basis. We don't expect you to know everything, but we expect you to be willing to take on the unknown, understand how it works and adapt it to our needs! After all, innovation is all about the unknown!

What we are looking for

Our data platform is built using

  1. React.js
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. SaSS (CSS)
  4. deck.gl
  5. Redux
  6. AWS
  7. and the other usual technologies.

What's important to us is that you have built / worked on an analytics dashboard before and are experienced with AWS. Ideally, you can hit the ground running.

We are more concerned with what you have built in the past, rather than what degree you have and what your title was at your previous jobs! For us, it's all about building an amazing product!

What to include in your application

  1. Most recent portfolio URL:
  2. Live hosted projects URLs:
  3. Your GitHub profile URL:
  4. Resume/CV:
  5. Anything else that you feel is important

This is a paid Contractor position, with the option of being extended to a part-time role. Link goes to a Google Form to submit your application.