Technical Lead - Identity & Access at Whispir

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Posted 11 days ago

About You

We are looking for leaders who will follow our passion for building solutions that make a positive difference.  Are you a pragmatic and data-driven technical leader?  Do you love technology, think product & appreciate great design?  Do you embrace big problems and think outside the box?  Do you want to leverage your existing knowledge, but also learn and explore new skills and technologies?

We have a burgeoning Javascript/Typescript codebase for our newer software, but also a classic Java-stack.  You will know at least one of these ecosystems and one or two others to a deep level. You should be familiar with various AWS cloud services such as EC2, EKS, MSK, RDS, Lambda.  Experience with automation tools (such as terraform, cloudformation) and CI/CD processes is a must.  

The Role

The Identity & Access team provides IAM capabilities to Whispir’s customers as well as other teams.  They are responsible for providing account management, access controls, single view of the customer and integration with third-party identity providers.  

Technically, the team is responsible for end-to-end management of the customer identity, provide authz and authn capabilities across the product and work closely with ops and infosec to maintain a highly-available and highly-secure platform.

As a Technical Lead, you will be responsible for driving the forward momentum of your team, designing systems architecture, planning the roadmap and working with other teams to define service boundaries.  You will also help hire and coach your team members to give them career progression and a great working life at Whispir.

The Tech

We have a class Java-stack and a burgeoning Javascript/Typescript codebase.  You will know at least one of these ecosystems and one or two others to a deep level. We make heavy use of the AWS cloud, automated using terraform, and we exist over multiple geographic regions.  Moving data and events around our systems in a secure, timely and highly available manner is critical to our operational success.

Our Values

Product Engineering at Whispir is committed to building the best customer experiences.  We define, together, clear goals and boundaries for your team, so that you can become more effective and efficient.  We support you to make decisions quickly and keep moving forwards.  We understand we don’t get everything right, but we measure, error-correct, and evolve through incremental improvements.  We want to enable autonomy and trust in (and between) our teams - you are the expert!  We measure our impact, so we can understand how much value we're adding.

We value collaboration, consensus building and providing a safe and supportive environment for diverse teams. We value collaboration over competition and compassion over judgement.  We believe that good culture requires good leadership and for this position we are looking for leaders who live our values. We should enjoy coming to work every day and extend that opportunity to our coworkers.  

The Whispir platform touches the lives of millions of people every day. We cover a wide range of use cases from large-scale crises communication to helping out small businesses with managing their customers and suppliers.